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    BY Chief elder Osiris

    We quickly make claim that there is no Quality Leadership for the Black Weary among us, yet the Divine Truth is that there is no Devout Followers that are sincere enough to cause the Divine Leader to appear, because the Divine Leader is revealed by the attitude and behavior of those Divine followers that are ready to cause change to come to their weary Lives.

    The sign of strong leadership is depended upon how strong the followers are and the followers are as strong as their Mind and it is the quality of the Mind that cause Divine change to come to those Lives that have been abused and disrespected by those Human Beings which will not prosper from those that they abuse, should the abused obtain their Divine Mind back.

    Within the Black Abused world, there is no lack of leadership, there are lack of followers, the leader is no stronger than the followers are, because it is from the followers that the leader feed from and get their strength, and grow to become the giant needed to lead the abused and weary to a life of freedom, independence, and justice for all.

    It become the followers that unleash the magic powers within the leader, the followers are what give inspiration to the leader and from such inspiration does the revelation flow, informing the leader what is needed to be done to save the followers that consist of an abused and dying Nation.

    The Black world is in lack of Divine Followers not because there is no Divine Leadership, but because there is no Divine followers qualified to recognize the Divinity in such Leaders amongst the Black Nation, so where there are no Divine followers, a Nation in bondage will perish.

    Where there is no Divine Followers within a Dying Black Nation, that Nation Die, because of Lack of Divine Leadership, because it is the action of the followers that give birth to Strong Divine Leadership.

    How can there be a call for leadership from Black people when Black people are doing nothing to give birth to that we claim we need.

    It is a self conceited Nation that make claim there is no need for Divine leadership, such a claim is made by vainly self involved Black people, when those same complaining Black people, complain about having no need for leadership and have no motivation to become Divine followers, when it is the followers that give strength and sight to those that would lead.

    A Divine Leader is one that see deep into the abyss of the past and it be that past that best describe the present, yet it is the followers that give sanction to such Divine Leadership, because how can there be Divine Leadership without Divine followers.

    There is much talk about organization, Black people need to organize, I say first things first, meaning that Black people need to learn again how to Think independent from being influenced by those with a history of abusing and killing Black people, meaning it is the quality of Mind that determine the quality of the organization that will be formed, and from such an organization, there will arrive a leader qualified to Think Divinely in term of what is needed to be done to unite the Black Nation once again, but not without Divine Followers, absent of Ego, Jealousy, and Envy, such are the behavior of the Human Being and among Human Beings there are no Divine Leaders, because the Followers have become the subjects of those claiming to be their leader.

    The Followers create the leader and not the leaders the followers, because when the leaders are in control of the followers then the end result from such an action will be the present condition the Black world is in today, Divided and leaderless.

    Yet there can be no Divine followers without Divine Leadership.

    When the Followers are ready to act for their Freedom, then the Divine Leader will appear to show the way to Freedom, Independence, Peace, and Justice for the Black Nation, in this evil Human Being world.

    The Blind is Incapable Of Leading the Blind Accurately and will end up falling into the pit of Hell, ( suffering ) a place the human Being Control.

    Without Divine Followers there is no need for Divine leadership and the Two will suffer at the hand of the Human being, they being those people confessing to be born in Sin and shaped in iniquity, in other word, they are born liars and deceivers, the Human Being, they who is the Devil, Satan, Lucifer, bearers of the false Light that now live on this planet and the Afrikan Human Being is under the authority of that Devilish Human Being, and it is all because, within the Human Being Controlled World, there is no Divine Black Followers qualified to created their Divine Leader which will show and point as well as lead the way back into the inner world of the Black Being and with such a Divine Mind, the Black World will loose ourselves from the illusionary shackles that hold the Afrikan Human Being Mind intact, in the Under topical world of the now Afrikan Human Being Mind.

    It is the Black Divine Being that must acknowledge the Divine Truth about our Black selves, because not until then, will we be able to become the followers we must become, in order for the Divine Black Leaders to appear, and it is such a leader, that will rise directly from the midst of the Divine Followers, which will then know what is required of the Black World, in order to become a Black Unified Black Divine Nation again, there in that sacred Land referred to as Afrika, there is where such Land is Holy Land, because it is there, where the goddess/gods first set presence there.

    When The Black Followers Are Ready For Their Divinity To Return, Then the Divine Leader Will Appear !!!

    Let Those Wise Enough, Know And Understand What Has Just Been Divinely Shared With You.

    Here Is Loving you

    Chief Elder
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