Black People : When the Earth Tilted...Fallen Stars--Superstars [Part II]...

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    When the Earth Tilted . . .
    Fallen Stars--Superstars [Part II]

    October 15, 9:00 P.M....Jesus Christ Superstar...

    1st Month-----March 14_____ 7th Month----- September 14 [Sept-7; New Year-Exodus]
    2nd Month --- April 14_____ 8th Month ---- October 14 [Oct means 8; Leap Year]
    3rd Month ---- May 14______ 9th Month --- November 14 [Nova; ancient New Year]
    4th Month ---- June 14______ 10th Month -- December 14 [Deca means 10]
    5th Month ---- July 14______ 11th Month ---January 14
    6th Month----- August 14____ 12th Month ---February 14 [Purim/Holocaust...]

    When the disciples wrote about the governmental Crucifixion of Jesus Christ, they described A TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE. The presence of such a phenomenon at that time in history was traceable and measurable based upon thousands and thousands of years of scientific observations and calculations. For a Total Solar Eclipse to occur, the elliptical cycle of the planet earth around the sun must be at a time when it is farther away from the sun and, far enough away that when the moon passes between the earth and the sun and, aligns itself at a straight line, the moon can completely block the sun’s light and energy from getting to the earth. And as a result of such an event, the earth becomes very instable and there will always be an earthquake and other types of turbulences such as aftershocks and etc. The earth’s instability has to do with the earth’s tilt. Right after the Total Solar eclipse in A.D. 33 and on Thursday, October 15, at 9:00 P.M. that evening, there was an earthquake. It was right at the time when Jesus died [expired] and the eclipse PASSED OVER that there was a great earthquake, so great it rent the temple veil:

    And, behold, the veil of the temple was rent in twain from the top to the bottom; and the earth did quake, and the rocks rent; [ST MATTHEW 27:28].

    A superstar had fallen . . . but three days later and when there was yet another earthquake on OCTOBER 17; HE AROSE! Many have become confused about the Bible records because they fail to recognize that an OCCULTATION [Total Solar Eclipse] had been described. They fail to recognize the fact that science, math and a proper measurement of time has become a foundation upon which the Bible has been framed upon! But, not only was the Bible records based upon the Scientific Calendar but also, it took into account the other Calendars in use by other ancient civilizations that the Israelites, at times, became apart of. Yet, no matter how dates and times varied from one civilization to the next, all history and natural events are based upon the Scientific Calendar! History can be aligned with accuracy no matter the attempts made by some systems [such as ‘the Roman Empire’] to change dates and times in order to mislead their general populations. The ancient civilization of the Assyrians based their secular Calendar on the month of November [‘Nova’ means ‘New Year‘]. It was their New Year but however, NOVEMBER was still considered ‘THE NINTH MONTH’ for the Assyrians in order to keep in alignment with the Scientific [Lunar] Calendar! The ancient Capitol of Assyria was NINEVEH [Nine-neveh; their Ninth Haven; ‘heaven’--reverse script formatted!].

    The ancient Egyptians began to based their New Year in the months of October/November after the earth did tilt. But even before this time, ancient Kemeti people had an even bigger celebration; their years’ end festivals. The month of February was the scientific LAST MONTH OF THE YEAR! From February 14th to February 21, it became a major week of celebrations and was noted in script to occur for thousands of years. The ancient Kemeti priest noted at that time the earths’ tilt and for this reason, every three years the month of February also became ‘THE LEAP MONTH’ in which the whole entire month became a time of observances. Then came preparations for the original New Year’s celebrations from March 14-21 of which ended at the Spring Equinox. By the end of the Spring Equinox, the Egyptians had completed their spring festivities and went into their doors to shield themselves from the annual sandstorm that swept in from the south [the Khamsin]. Ultimately, the mis-education about PASSOVER being at the time of the pagan EASTER observances should now be seen as a major contradiction. The Roman empire builders changed the PASSOVER observances to be in accordance with their EASTER holiday. But in Egypt at that time of year [even today!], the khamsin sandstorms blew up hurricane force winds of about 80 mph and for 50-days!

    The month of October became a major month of celebrations for the Egyptians and today, we know this same ancient festival as the ‘OCTOBER FEST’. For the Egyptians, it was their ‘BARLEY FESTIVAL’ or, ‘BEER FESTIVAL’. Although they could harvest three crops per year, it was the beginning of Autumn and after the Fall Equinox at the end of September that marked the time when the heat waned and this became their most festive time of the year. It was a time in which the whole of the Mediterranean region sent out their caravans from place to place in order to trade at the major trade centers. Joseph would have been sold into slavery and captivity at this time of the year. And for the ancient Israelites of whom came out of Egypt before the Egyptians could use them as slaves to harvest their barley grains for their major Barley Festival, SEPTEMBER 14 became their NEW YEAR’S DAY. From the 14th until the time of the Autumn Equinox [the 21st], the Israelites honored PASSOVER:

    This month shall be unto you the beginning of months: it shall be the first month of the year to you [EXODUS 12:2]. ***** September*****

    In the first month, on the fourteenth day of the month at even, ye shall eat unleavened bread, until the one and the twentieth day of the month at even [EXODUS 12:18]. *September 14-21*

    This day came ye out in the month Abib [EXODUS 13:4]*Abib means ‘No Life’--Fall/Autumn***Bib means ‘Life** *September 14, 1436 BC*

    PASS OVER was marked by a phenomenon and fixes the Bible account of history to science! Over a thousand years later, the Roman Empire Builders of whose Calendars were much the same as the ancient Assyrians, changed their New Year’ Day from November to JANUARY and the reason for this too, had to do with the a star phenomenon; EPIPHANY [a comet]!

    Although the ancient Romans [Amorites] were avid ‘Star Worshipers’ [Baal Worshipers], they completely missed the advent of the new moving star! Nevertheless, the planet Saturn came and it took about two years before they were able to respond to the land in which this star made a 180 degree alignment with when it came into orbit. The Amorites [ancient Baal Worshipers], of whom practiced headhunting and other forms of human sacrifice wrecked havoc in the land of Jerusalem under the power of the Romans and Herod. Because the Amorites worshiped Chanoch, the son of Cain and Cybele, the month of January finally became dedicated in honor of him. January became the New Year in honor of Janus [‘Anno Dominus’; ‘the Dominion of Anus’ or, ‘the Year of our Lord’]. Chanoch [Janus; Enoch-Cain] was the two-faced god of Ports, meaning, ‘he was a ‘yin-yang’...Because the post-flood Amorites were descendants of Canaan, the origins of these ancient Baal Worshipers have become a great confusion. But, the life of Chanoch [Enoch-Cain; Anus/Enus] was way beyond a thousand years before Canaan was ever formed in the womb and so, the Amorites came to embrace the very ideals of the ancient pre-flood people of the east world, the people of Cain.

    When the ancient Amorites formed an empire in Europe [in Italy], they took dominion over the world and their empire became marked by the planet Saturn [AD 2]and about thirty years later, the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ, a Black man, on ‘the Hill of Skulls’ [Golgotha]. The Roman officials oversaw ‘a death sentence’ conducted on the very eve of a TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE that began on October 14th at 6:00 P.M. [October 15; Israel time], the same day Solomon laid the foundation of the first temple of God in 956 BC. But how can there be such a thing as a 3-HOUR ECLIPSE!!!...It’s Science!!!...THE EARTH SPLIT AGAIN...and this time...cont.!!!...Jesus Christ hung on the cross for six (6) hours total and then he cried out and died at 9:00 P.M....

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