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    [Part I]

    Scientific Calendar-----Lunar Calendar

    1st Month--------March 14_____ 7th Month------ September 14 [Sept means 7]
    2nd Month ------ April 14_______ 8th Month ------- October 14 [Oct means 8]
    3rd Month ------- May 14_______ 9th Month ------- November 14 [Nova means New Year]
    4th Month ------- June 14_______ 10th Month ----- December 14 [Deca means 10]
    5th Month ------- July 14_______ 11th Month ----- January 14
    6th Month-------- August 14_____ 12th Month ----- February 14 [Valentine’s Day/ Purim]

    ...13 Days...A Full Moon......A Black Moon...A Crested Moon...13 Days...A Full Moon....

    A long time ago mankind knew how to tell time with respect to the moon. But today, many of us have become extremely dependant upon clocks, watches, pre-dated Calendars, computers and etc. so much so, that we have lost sight of an innate ability that we possess that allows each of us to know how to ‘tell time’ in relation to the universe we are apart of. Thousands of years ago, The Lunar Calendar began to be used as ‘a Scientific Calendar’ because of its accuracy and in relation to the earth and sun. This Lunar Calendar became used in conjunction with ‘a Solar Calendar’ in order to measure time correctly. It became noticed that the moon does not rotate at all and that it always has one side that faces the planet earth but however, it does move around the earth in a continual pattern. The moon becomes a scientific constant in which time and measurement can be based upon. Time can be accounted for in terms of thousands upon thousands of years because of the exactness of the moon’s cycle around the earth and in conjunction with the earth as it travels around the sun.

    The start point upon which to begin counting ‘a moon’s monthly cycle’ would begin after ‘the black moon’ [or new moon] has crested. So, ‘A CRESTED MOON’ would be counted as ‘Day 1’. When the moon travels around the earth and becomes on the opposite side from the black moon, it becomes completely illuminated and, this would be ‘THE FULL MOON’. Now although the count for the Lunar months begins when the moon crest, however, it does NOT become considered as the first day of the Lunar Month for many ancient civilizations. THE FIRST DAY OF A LUNAR MONTH begins on the day after the Full Moon. Furthermore, the TIME GAP between a crested moon and a full moon becomes a constant!

    The TIME GAP between a crested moon and a full moon has always been THIRTEEN [13] NIGHTS! So, for every Lunar month, All Full Moons are 13 nights old! And so after the 13th-night, the first day of a Lunar Month will always be on ‘THE FOURTEENTH DAY [14th-day]. Take out time today, and pick up any Calendar with a lunar schedule and count! Because of the tilt of the earth though, there was a variation after the time of the full moon and before it made its full circuit. When the moon became black, the time it took before it became crested varied and was NOT constant. It could take between 28 to about 29 days or so before the Black Moon became crested. Eventually though, ancient scientist determined other amazing lunar patterns and this caused them to make other detailed predictions that would occur thousands of years later and after their life spans had ended!

    Again, when the moon continues to move around the earth, it eventually passes between the earth and the sun and so, it becomes ‘unseen’ [does not illuminate] in the night sky and becomes ‘A BLACK MOON’ [or, A NEW MOON]. It would be during this time that there will be a variation of time but, . . . WHAT ABOUT THE HOURS!? An assessment was taken of the amount of hours it took for the moon to crest as it circled the earth twelve times and it was noted that there was an distinct pattern that occurred. Also after every three [3] years, the TIME GAP always added up to the same exact summation therefore, ancient priest-scientist were able to affix ‘A LEAP MONTH’. Additionally, the earth slowed down when it was tilted and went from a 360-day cycle around the sun to taking a little more than 365-days to circle the sun and come to its start point at the Spring Equinox. Scientist began to recognize a connection between the earth’s tilt, the uneven time of the solar year and, the uneven time until the moon had crested. Due to their observations they could soon predict SOLAR ECLIPSES, LUNAR ECLIPSES and other long term predictions as well with accuracy!

    When the moon circles around the earth and passes between the sun and the earth, it becomes ‘a Black Moon’ but because of the earth’s tilt it becomes a rarity that the moon actually forms an exact straight line [180 degrees] with the sun and the earth at any time. However, when this straight lineup does occur, it becomes ‘AN ECLIPSE’. The only time there can ever be ‘A SOLAR ECLIPSE [AS BLACK AS SACKCLOTH OF HAIR] would be when the BLACK MOON passes between the earth and the sun and makes a straight line. After thirteen nights from the Black Moon, it becomes a full moon and likewise, the only time that there can ever be a Total Lunar Eclipse would be when it is a Full Moon. When the moon moves around the earth and causes the earth--to become in the middle of the sun and the moon itself and-- makes a straight line, it becomes A LUNAR ECLIPSE [BLOOD MOON]. Because an eclipsed moon is NOT ILLUMINATED by the sun, it looks like ‘an opaque’ or dull colored 3-dimensional ball suspended in the sky. Depending on other factors such as the hour it becomes eclipsed, the tilt of the earth, the presence of clouds and etc., the moon can sometimes appear as a dull dark red colored [a BLOOD colored] or as ‘a rust colored [reddish-orange colored] ball. Because of a lack of understanding in the sciences with regards to eclipses and the rarity and exactness of a Total Solar Eclipse, both history and Biblical predictions [prophecy] have become a great confusion for many. Over the course of thousands of years, there have been many PARTIAL SOLAR ECLIPSES but, there are only a few times the sun’s light and energy has been completely blocked out from the earth to form a TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE [also known as AN OCCULTATION]. Both kinds of eclipses occur as a result of a straight line formation but however, the difference between a partial and solar eclipse has to do with distance.

    In recapitulation, a long time ago there were four major events that ancient priest-scientist noted about the movement of the planet earth; (1) they noticed that the planet earth had went through a change and eventually tilted on its axis and began to rotate on a slant. This slant caused the earth to experience four (4) seasons near the equator; (2) they noticed that the earth had slowed down as it revolved around the sun. It went from an even 360 day revolution to a little more than 365 days; (3) they noticed that the earth did not circle around the sun [revolve] on a horizontal plane but its revolution was on a slight slant. So not only does the earth rotate on a tilt but, it also revolves around the sun on a tilt too; and, (4) they noticed that the earth did not move around the sun [revolve] in an even circle but its revolution was ELLIPTICAL meaning, sometimes it moved in closer to the sun and sometimes it moved farther away from the sun while it made its yearly revolutions. From the perspective of mankind, the changes that occurred in the earth’s movements were slight and gradual but in actuality, it caused the planet earth to become very unstable and overtime, it led to great catastrophes, one of which was THE GREAT DELUGE! . . . Soon, mankind realized the formation of deserts . . . And about three hundred (300) years later after the Great World Flood, . . . the earth split!

    Many of the terminologies used today to define moon patterns such as, ‘apogee’, ‘perigee’, ‘phase’, ‘refraction’ and etc. have confused African American students and Church goers therefore, other words of explanation have been offered as a precursor. Based upon this research, years ago it has become a passion to write, in hopes that someone might be able to benefit. The measurable movements of the planet earth such as the earth’s tilt and its change in revolution time around the sun became noted by the 2700s B.C. and even at that time, it was established that there would be other cataclysmic occurrences as a result of the earth’s change from stable to instable in its movements. Why though? Why did these changes happen and will the earth ever move back to a stable state of movement? The earth has been noted to be about 93 million miles away from the sun and even though the variation that do occur in relation to the sun and moon seem to vary slightly, it becomes one major reason for catastrophes. When the earth moves its farthest point away from the sun during a solar ecliptic time and due to other events such as the alignments of other planets and stars, a total solar eclipse becomes possible. And even though there are not many readily acceptable answers as to why the earth became unstable, however, it becomes sort of obvious and ominous that based upon the instability and past upheavals, the potential for other earthly disasters are inevitable . . ..

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