Black Spirituality Religion : When The Dream Becomes Bigger Than The Dreamer....

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    When asked "why do we suffer?" by one of his students the Master Teacher replied "we suffer in order to figure out a way to break free from our illusions- the dream world we have helped to manufacture around our being." The student then asked a second question. 'What happens when the dream becomes bigger than the dreamer?" The Master Teacher replied with a solemn face- "Alas child, you have figured out why we are all still here."

    By all means- Buddhism does not hold the patent on "Dream time Illusion Theology" it's clear that this concept is peppered throughout the spiritual understandings of common folk all around the world. The magickal practices of Africa- Ancient and current- will view optical reality as an illusion also, and that behind every "thing" is a spirit a moving living consciousness trying to find ways to interact better with Man.

    It is even possible the African brain is haunted by an animistic past. The true index of our spirituality is cataloged not by our way of life, but our way of dream. This means that we tailor ourselves based not on the optical reality, but on what goes on within the inner self. Dream of a Co-worker in the form of a Devil or Demon on Sunday, you will avoid her come Monday morning- that is if you have never mastered the symbolism.

    The greatest artist and scientist sits within us all. Often referred to as the "inner child" or the Dreamer. Artists are responsible for how the illusion communicates with the brain, and Scientists are responsible for how the illusion behaves. A perfect marriage between logic and intuition- male and female.

    Somewhere in our world, there is an Elder that has devoted themselves to playing bingo, the lottery and scratch off tickets- hoping for the day that their "dreams" will come true. 80 years young- but still hardwired to an illusion. They have invested too much energy into a dream that is bigger than the dreamer. True prosperity is never hidden behind a deception. For those who do so as simply as picking a fruit from a tree- their dreams are never bigger than the dreamer.

    But do we create bigger dreams to challenge the soul? Did we help to create this illusion as a way of advancing and evolving the mind?
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    Is there a difference between a dream and an illusion?

    An illusion is passive perception. A dream is active creation. An illusion is the thermometer. A dream is the thermostat. An illusion is what we tell ourselves is the way things are. A dream is what we dare to imagine they could become.

    That which is real cannot change so it is the illusion that makes the dream possible.