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    By Chief Elder Osiris

    It Is Race That Trump Gender and Social Status, So I Support Obama Because Of The Percentage Of Who He Is, Without Condemnation Or Act Of Hypocrisy

    What does America Constitution say qualifies you to be able to Run for President of these United states, is it that you must have a Doctorate Degree, extensive Legislative experience, a strong background of experience in Foreign Affairs, a Penetrating International perspective or is it that you must be a Citizen of these United states Of America and Thirty five Years Of age, if so, then why all of this Talk about Obama Experience, because if experience is what qualify you, then the race between Obama and Hillary will go to Hillary, because exposure to activity close up and Personal does make a difference in you knowing how that activity is carried out on certain levels of your involvement, for instance, State Executive exposure, as well as a National Presidential Executive exposure, as well as Congressional experience, an experience that is different from State Legislative experience, a Reality that no worthwhile Thinking person would deny.

    So when Black folks take a stand on the two candidates left standing that is running for the Democratic nomination to be chosen to run for President of these united states Of America, we become a Black Dishonest hypocrite, when we make claim that we choose Obama not based on who and what he represent, but on experience alone, and a promise, when choosing Obama over Hillary, how deceitful Black so call Afrikans are today, with themselves, and it is this Obama, that has been able to reveal the our Smallness in our Deceit, whenever we make claim that we are choosing Obama over Hillary based on Experience and not the Percentage Of Obama Racial genre, with a desire to have the culmination of the Melting Pot to take place in America , as well as the Charismatic persona he project, along with his talent with the usage of Words.

    You so call Black Afrikans, with a selfish Wish and Hope that a change for the better will come for you, if Obama is President, not that the same wish for the better can not come from a Hillary presidency, because whatever is to come, will not measure up to what you are believing will come, from either of those two Candidates, based upon their promise to you.

    The Power that goes with that White House does not start nor end in that White House, all of Washington Government Officials serve as no more than Pawns on a Higher Level than you, the so call Voters are on, you who is recognized as America United States Society, Slaves in many respect, to the Higher Authority that does not reside in Washington nor in that White House, Executive, Legislative nor the Judicial Branch of what consist of America United States Government.

    How pitiful and Socially Political destitute you so call Black Afrikan Americans are, talking about you do not Look at Obama for who he is, but for what he say he will do for America Middle Class, such Ignorance make you to become more of an enemy to Black People and Afrika, than the entire Western / Arab, Jewish World is to Afrika and Black so call Afrikans.

    Here you are, you with your acquired color BLINDNESS, serving to be the reason why you can not See who it is that has been and still is kicking your black Behind and is preventing Justice from coming to our Enslaved Ancestors in the way of Reparation, as you live in your created world of illusion.

    You Negroes, always wanting to be numbered amongst the Populous in the World, a World that is Racist to its Core, that World being those Few Filthy Wealthy Families that control the Mind of the Masses, they that make up the World, with a concentration on the Black World and that is why Afrika is in the condition it is in today and the Afrikans in this Time of Great Technology, acting as Savages, barbarians, Wrapped up and bounded in your Tribal paralysis, running around certain parts of Afrika Killing and Slaughtering each other, having no remorse, because you have been made to become Drunk with your Sub-Tribal Ethnicity, a False sense of identity, which serve to the betterment of those that oppress you and prevent Justice from visiting the House of Black so call Afrikan People.

    This Presidential Race is not about Experience, it is about which World Faction it is to be, that will gain and/or maintain control of that White House, so regardless of who it will be, that take that seat in that White House, there will not be any appreciable gains enjoyed by the Black so call Afrikan American Lower class in America and you who consider yourselves to be the Black so call Afrikan American Intelligentsia, you serve to be the Greatest Danger to Black People Every Where, because of the fact of your Programming, you being the Black Social Manchurian Candidate, programmed to prevent the Rise of Afrika and the Freedom of Black so call Afrikan People, by preventing the Lower-Lower Class of Black so call Afrikan People from Hearing the Divine Truth, which will awaken them and cause them to See who it is that profit from their ignorance and state of docility in America, in Afrika, and in the World in general.

    Beloved, Need I Say, I Mean No One Any Disrespect, Personally, It Is The Divine Truth That Condemn, Not I !!!

    I come, I share, You Either Accept Or Reject, I continue To Be Obedient To Our Ancient First Way Ancient Black Ancestors.

    The Divine Truth, Black So Call Intelligent Afrikans, Despise The Divine Truth,

    Here Is Lovingly Thinking Of you

    Chief Elder