Chief Elder Osiris : When Race Is To be Discussed, First Things First !!!

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    When Race Is To be Discussed, First Things First !!!

    Hoteph Beloved Sisters And Brothers:

    When Race Is the topic of discussion and Black folks attempt to insert our little two cents in, that two cents is covered with hypocrisy, because most often than not and I venture to say all of the Time, it be the so call Buffoonery of Black Leadership, which include the Civil Rights Aristocracy, that is called upon to give such a distorted view on Race Relationship and the Race Problem in america and it be their weak hypocritical view on Race, not only in america but the world, with Black people being the center of reason for discussion, and such a weak distorted and hypocritical view by such imitation of Black Leadership, is given and viewed to represent all black People, no greater Lie is given to be a true view of Black People on the Race Problem coming from those claiming to be our Black Leaders and that they speak for all Black People.

    When the issue of Race is ever to be given serious consideration for discussion, and the effort is seriously looking for a solution to the Race Problem, as it pertain to Black People, because that is where the problem of Race is centered around, then all Black folks of all walk of Life experiences have to be included in such a Discussion about Race, and the problems that derive from such an apparent Difference between being Black among the various Ethnic Groups in the World, mainly Caucasians, Arabs and Jewish People, with all others that sign on to such a attitude and behavior toward Black people that has been established to be a Racist and Unjustified Prejudice toward Black People, so established by Caucasians, Arabs and Jewish People, the Axis Of Racist Evil.

    So beloved, when the issue of Race is really ready to be taken to be Seriously Discussed in a Public Arena, then that arena must first be the forum where nothing but Black Folks are to congregate to discuss the Race Problem in america First, because not until there is a serious reckoning has taken place among Black Folks, concerning the Race problem in america, and the cause and effect Race has had and still is having on Black Folks Life Living condition, not until then, is Race ready to be taken to the author of the Crime of Racism and Unjustified Prejudice for serious discussion on what is to be the solution to such an evil attitude and behavior that has been established by certain members of Ethnic Groups with a Racist and Unjustified Prejudice toward Black People, which is happening as I speak to you in writing, in a supposedly Civilize Society, which extend to Societies of all World Governments.

    You desire the Divine Truth about the Race Problem that affect Black People, certain Black people despise the Truth concerning the cause and affect of Racism and Unjustified Prejudice in america and throughout the world, with there even being a certain cause of Black on Black unjustified prejudice that now is being practiced among Black people.

    So beloved, when the issue is Race and the talk of there need to be a dialog established on Race in america, then First thing First, which mean that white folks and all others must be exclude from such a dialog, because of the inferiority complex we Black Folks have developed toward Black people, which seem to prevent Black people from telling the Truth to white folks when the issue is Race, why do you think Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and all of the Civil Rights Aristocracy Lie to White Folks when the issue is Race, do you?

    Oh yes beloved, when the issue is Race and White folks are present, Black Folks calling themselves to be your leaders, they Lie, just as white people Lie in general and most certainly when the issue is Race and Black Folks are the center of attraction.

    The Divine Truth, Black Folks Despise The Divine Truth And Our black Lives Suffers From Such Hypocrisy of Black so Call Leadership.

    You desire to discuss Race seriously, then exclude White Folks and include Serious Black Folks of the Social Stratum within the Black Society.

    I am learning more and more that Black Folks do not approve of Divine challenges, because it show up the weakness of the Black Human Being Mind.

    I challenged you recently to challenge the Racist Media for the way they pick and choose those Negroes to be highlighted over their media claiming to speak for all Black people on all issues concerning Black People specifically, and you who claim to be so Black and Pan- Afrikan and lover of the Honorable Marcus Garvey, you remained Silent, now I put forth a challenge to us so call Black Folks claiming to be so concerned about the attitude and behavior of Racism and unjustified Prejudice being practiced against Black people, so I ask, will silence give consent to the status quo approach on the issue of Race in america and the way Black Folks now deal with the issue of the Race problem in america, wanting to discuss Race with White Folks without first discussing Race problems among our Black selves First, are we oppose to First Thing First when the issue is about Black People, which mean white people must become secondary to us Black Folks discussing the Race problem in america ?

    The Divine Truth, Black People Despise The Divine Truth being told in this day and Time.

    Here Is Loving You

    Chief Elder
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