Chief Elder Osiris : When Race is Divinely Discussed

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    When Race is Divinely Discussed

    Hoteph Beloved Sisters And Brothers:

    Beloved, to make a spectacle of Race and the issue of Chattel Slavery and Colonialism and Reparation is not the Primary focus, then you should know that the action going on in that regard is not sincere, and when Race is an issue and Chattel Slavery and Colonialism is not the main focus, then our Ancestors who were victims of such evil, is being disrespected and denied Justice Divinely so.

    Who in their Divine Mind and claim to be sincere in their action concerning Race discussion, can do so and not address the issue here in america of Chattel Slavery and Reparation, because when discussing the issue of Race sincerely, the main objective should be to agree to what the solution should be that will eradicate such an attitude and behavior or whether or not, in america, Race as a issue of Racism and Unjustified Prejudice, will ever be solved in america, whereby Race will be an acceptable reality without the practice of Racism and Unjustified Prejudice.

    What we see going on here after the Don Imus statement is that the most serious issue that is present in america, Race, is being used for mere public display and an act to eliminate boredom for many that are out and about waving their placard full of slogans.

    Beloved, when Race is seriously confronted in america and the aim and goal is to resolve such an action of the Mind that has the world paralyzed, then such an issue will be confronted in an intelligent and dignified forum, inside where Thinking Minds can congregate to Divinely reason together without selfish motive as a hidden agenda.

    When Race is Divinely discussed, then those that are guilty of creating such a behavior of mind in the world must be able to come, first to acknowledge their sin and seeking forgiveness, with a desire to compensate for the Crime that made our Ancestors Life a miserable living Hell, an event in time that can not be corrected but such correction can be felt and acknowledged by our Enslaved Ancestors and colonized Children, who carry the scar of those Chains, mental abuse, ropes and whips that attacked and bounded the body and Mind of our Enslaved and colonized Ancestors.

    But here is america, where we the Children of our Enslaved Ancestors serve as the most verifying and factual evidence that reveal the harm that such an evil institution which is referred to as Chattel Slavery, did and is to this day the evil of racism practiced still against the Children of our Enslaved Ancestors and is affecting us today, which come from the reality of Chattel slavery.

    It is the Racism and Unjustified Prejudice that is still affecting today, our Enslaved Ancestors and their Children and that is why the likes of a Al Sharpton and the so call integrationist/assimilationist Civil Rights Aristocracy is delivering a service of disobedient and disrespect to our Enslaved Ancestors, they do so every time they pretend to be so concerned about the issue of Race in america and yet and still omit from addressing the issue of Chattel Slavery in depth and in detail, because when such an issue of reality is given Divine Respect then there can be no omitting of the Justice for such an evil action as Chattel Slavery, which has caused upon the Black World and those Children from that action.

    Beloved,if Justice is to be served to our Enslaved Ancestors, who suffered from the harshes of Racism in action, then there can be no ommitance of the Justice which Reparation is to represent in this case under such an issue of Racism and Unjustified Prejudice that was Practiced against our Enslaved Ancestors, thus their Children.

    It is Reparation that carry with it the Divine Universal Right to Repatriate back Home to Afrika and having the Divine Right to Statehood for the Children of our Enslaved Ancestors in Afrika, and from such a position of reality, the cry goes out echoing the cry and voice of our Great Prophet and Spiritual Leader, The Honorable Marcus Garvey, stating so emphatically without compromise," Afrika Is For The Afrikans ", under a cohesiveness of a Unified Black Afrikan Nation.

    So beloved if there is ever to be a Divine discussion on Race, then Chattel Slavery, Colonialism, Reparation, Afrika and the union of the Black Afrikan World has to be the main staples of discussion, that is if all parties involved in such a discussion are Divinely sincere in the elimination of the the sting of evil that is intrinsic in the evil of Racism and Unjustified Prejudice, which should be never to be practiced again in a civilized World, which mean today, the world we now live in is not a civilized World and that is why we can not allow the likes of a Al Sharpton and the Civil Rights Aristorcracy to once again take over the Minds of Black People regarding Race in america.

    The Divine Truth, Black Folks Despise The Divine Truth And The Black World Suffer From Such an Attitudinal Behavior.

    Here Is Loving You

    Chief Elder