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    By Osiris Akkebala

    She come not as a thief in the night yet all she does is perfectly alright

    No intention to harm or kill just only doing what nature will.

    Oh when nature call, it demand that you know that which is spoil.

    She reveal to you much you do not desire to see or know, yet she know what is best for you as she come knocking at your door.

    Never full of hate or mischief as you might be, she is only doing what come naturally.

    Condemn not the force that demand your attention so that you may remember all of the evil against you that is forever mention.

    Look! Look! at what a force of nature name katrina has done

    No! No! it is not Katrina that have you on the run

    Yet blind you choose to be, while all the Time Katrina is telling and showing what you need to see

    Love and Hate is a part of Life game, yet to reclaim your Soul will cause your Life to not be the same.

    Wake Up! Wake Up! Black Woman and Man, stand up from your great fall and prepare yourself for when nature call.

    Black Woman, Black Man, pity not yourself because of the evil you obtain from those oh so vane your life is yours to lose from not knowing your name

    In a deep sleep you now rest you all, not even aware of the meaning when nature call

    You have been out of place for over three hundred years, never ceasing from shedding tears,

    No longer desire to go back home, rather to remain all alone

    Always desiring to have a ball, not even aware of the message that come screaming in your ear at all, coming from the sound and action when nature call.

    Wake Up! Get Up! Black Race, wash your face and clean up your soul from that great fall so you may be ready when Nature call.

    Here Is Loving The Black Afrikan, In Spite Of Ourselves

    © September 2005 By Osiris Akkebala
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    yes yes yes when it call folks need to listen , i can still hear da nature
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    In all due respect...
    Being in a deep coma-tose state for over 300 years...some of us may need more than one nudge to wake us up, so it's very , very important ...to keep nudging our own...until we open all 3 eyes.
    Great piece poet, I enjoy reading TRUTH ...^5