Black People : When It Come to black On Black crime, black disagreement there is no fear among us?

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    Is this the highest form of evidence that show that Black people have no respect for each other?

    We are in the process of Black On Black crime, and we have no fear of one another, even to the extent that death can come involved in the confrontation, but yet, before death arrive, the Caucasian that represent death to us can come into our confrontational midst, we then will cease all our actions towards each other and become submissive to that which is there representing the LAW.

    Why? Because the majority of us have the highest of respect for white people and their laws, even when we Black people become representative enforcers of white folks laws, it is the law that cause us to become docile, all because of what and whom the law represent to us, and it be the caucasian folks that is the representative of the Ultimate authority of law, within their social structure, so it is the Caucasian in america that represent authority and respectful status, not the lowly average Caucasian, they are the demigods of white supremacy, they represent enforcers of enslavement of our Ancestors and they bring death to Black people, both physical and mental.

    Caucasians are not only guilty by association to their family members, they are guilty because of their bloodline history toward the Black World.

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