Black Relationships : When is the cold shoulder truly necessary?

Discussion in 'Black Relationships' started by JCsChild03, Nov 20, 2004.

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    My daughter's cousin is only 17 and my cousin is only 15 and they are both sexually active. But the 17 yr old wanted to spend the night at my aunt's house with me so we could get up and go to church in the morning? I knew she liked my cousin and I told her not to do anything to disrespect my aunt's house. Unfortunately they had sex and now my aunt knows. Am I wrong for giving my daughter's cousin the cold shoulder? Even after I warned her that my cousin's sisters would whoop her a** she did it anyway. And she wonders why she's not welcome over there anymore. She doesnt know that I know but I have given her vibes that I am unhappy with her. Is it not my place to do that, I sometimes feel like it is and other times i don't. You just don't mess with family! :hammer:
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    that's nassy cousin don't do family you not wrong but don't give her vibes
    tell her str8 out she was wrong for that and have a problem and surely not welcome
    and you just don't hang out with people like this who do acts like this tell her fully
    so she know that everybody knows what she did it was wrong for them both not just
    her both are dead wrong and your aunt knows it too not wrong tell her all of it
    and step away , not cold but truth she not right and will bring more shame on the family
    if someone don't tell her and stop her .