Destee Network : When is it time to move from shared hosting to a VPS or private server?

Discussion in 'Destee Network :' started by Iceman Baldy, Oct 12, 2008.

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    My websites have been growing at a steady pace and for a while I was receiving server error messages due to too many connections. I've purchased a virtual private server through the same host provider and the messages have stopped although I have not migrated any of my sites to the VPS. Interesting, right?

    When did those of you whose businesses have grown beyond what shared hosting can provide make the decision to incur the additional cost for space and bandwidth? Is there a normal rule of thumb for when it makes sense to make the change and how easy was the migration?
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    Brother Iceman Baldy ... Peace and Blessings and Welcome !!! ... :wave:

    I don't know if i've spoken to you before yet, though i vaguely remember doing so ... thanking you for the wonderful articles that you've shared with us ... or perhaps i only meant to do that, and it's in my mind, that i've done it ... or shooda done it ... or wanna do it ... :lol: ... oh gosh ... sorry ... i'm in recovery ... :)

    But seriously ... if i've not thanked you already, let me do it now ... Thank You Thank You Thank You!!! :love:

    The articles are great, even if i've not had time to speak to them all. Helping our people learn this technology is wonderful!

    Okay ... in regard to your post above ...

    I do find it interesting that all of the server errors have stopped, by simply purchasing the VPS service, and not having moved any of your sites. That's weird, but perhaps only temporary, maybe the conditions that caused the server errors are not there at the current moment? I don't know ... weird.

    We have had dedicated hosting since 2001. Our move from shared hosting, to dedicated, was due to server errors that could not be corrected in a shared environment. In a shared environment, you have no real control of the server applications. So if you need custom settings, or upgrades, or anything like that, you're out of luck ... and your applications (if they need more than a shared hosting environment provides), will not run properly.

    So that's where we were, and we moved to a dedicated server.

    I was not prepared for the move! I remember the salesperson actually pushing me over the cliff, to take the dedicated server plunge! I had been complaining to support about the problems we were having, and they referred me to sales! I don't remember dude's name, but i remember telling him, after he talked me into a dedicated server ... telling me that i could do it, it'll be a breeze ... that he had actually pushed me over a cliff, without a parachute, net to catch me, or anything!

    If it were not for my Dear Darling Friend, Brother Gladiator ... we would have died back in 2001!

    He really labored with me, helped me to understand managing a dedicated server! We spent night after night after night, together, on the phone ... as he walked me through everything. In all of my web site development learning, nothing ever made me cry, except learning server management! I didn't think i'd ever understand. But he was very thorough and patient with me.

    I found the learning curve to be great, even though i had been hosting sites in a shared environment for a number of years. That's what the salesman said too ... "Destee, you've been doing the shared for years, this will be a natural progression for you!" ... yeah rite, whatever.

    So it may really depend on the person, what kind of knowledge they are bringing to the table, that will ultimately determine how easy or difficult it will be for them ... and of course ... if the need is there.

    Again Brother ... thanks for sharing with us, and good luck with your transition!

    Much Much Love and Peace.