Black People : When is it enough?

Discussion in 'Black People Open Forum' started by blazejay, Sep 21, 2016.

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    What happening now is hitting home for me, and personally.
    I mean every shooting has affected or touched me in one way or another.
    This is blatantly non-sense that is going on point blank period.
    It is time, it has been time for us to put our differences aside and take a honest look at our
    ourselves,neighborhood, and our reality to ask the question when?

    When are we going to honestly going to stop being tired of being tired?
    When are we going truly and honestly come to gather and move as one in this nation
    regardless of our location or our blood relation?
    When are we as supposedly "My Brothers Keepers" will stop or we going to continue the lip service
    and standby watching the babies and innocent brothers and sisters get beat
    and slaughter in these street before we lift a hand ?
    G_Dmit, This is why there is no respect for our people, until we all and I do mean
    all grow a pair and do the right thing.

    The time for diplomacy and negotiating has ceased,
    The time has come for us to halt the docile activities and time to do major
    economic and financial damage.
    Instead of a few moving their money to black owned banks, why don't we sacrifice
    the holiday money we are getting ready to buy those expensive gifts and toys and invest it into our
    small black businesses?
    Why don't our"Black Churches"allow and organize a community wide flea-market to
    truly place funds in a black communal association?
    And Finally, Why don't these BLMs,Black Conscience Community, and Black Revolutionary groups,etc..come together and use their platforms to train and teach us as a whole how to
    be self-sustainable and financially empowered to re-build a true community and to defend
    and protect it from encroaching threats?

    BIP To these brothers,and my deepest condolences go out to the families and the communities of all the fallen victims, and a special Ball In Paradise, goes out To Carlos(AKA)Shawty-Lo Rest Up my Bro. !!!!:cry::cry::cry::cry::angel1::em0900::em18::tissue:
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    It is going to be VERY hard to have an organized movement, to do what you're saying.