Black People : When I was little...

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    When I was little, my militant uncle privately said unto me, "Nephew, I actually know how to build a superior tank from the ground up, only when I finally got out I simply could not even get a simple job due to my lack of knowledge and/or lost experience." And then I realized Time and the Mind, I realized that knowledge not derived through ones own soul purpose into God oneself is in fact worthless, despite "its" might... And what a "living" nightmare, to realize that "knowledge" is worthless... I say, choose your master very carefully or forever remain a slave... And choose no "master" that bottom line that even still identifies you as a slave... In fact you are...the same whore, the same prison *****, that your lost *** must now call wife, because now there is no other choice, due to lost Time through ones very own choice(s) through mind... Time and the Mind... Time: His mind... The junky that he too actually is... Kevin D. Ervin 2007 c.