Black Poetry : When I Make Love To Your Mental


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Mar 17, 2001
South Jersey
United States Air Force
Mmmmm (moaning slowly)

Thanks for this night together baby
Are you sure you can't stay?
Please, just a little while longer
Let's slip into one another's
mental to be more comfortable

Shhhh (with finger pressed to lips)

Don't say a word honey; not just yet
Let me know your feelings through
your mental {quiet} vocal stimulus
Send me your telepathic tones that
your silence generates to mix our vibe

Ahhhh (stroking your curly dreads)

Reverberate in my mental when our
eyes are closed; forever seeing a visual
Touch my excited mind with all the
mental sensuality you possess

Oooo (exhaling deeply)

Yeah baby stroke my intellect and
watch it wander down a one-way path
Sure to connect with that cogent mental
enticement you offer to steady our
emotional and spiritual flow

Baby (whispering softly)

Hold me inside your internal mental orb
Warm me with the fiery persuasion of desire
Burn hot within my heart and deep unto my soul
Caress my end organ causing our hormonal {balance}

My mental lover (beckoning gently)

Embrace me closely because the time in near
Attach our individual mind stems rhythmically
Shiver in acquiescent delight as we journey to
the center of our psyche's sexual sensitivities


~~~~~~~~~~~PREMEDITATED INTERPRETATIONS~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


~~~~~~~~~~~PREDICATED RUMINATIONS~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

that bring about

~~~~~~~~~~~~EXISTENTIAL EJACULATIONS~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

allowing VII-dimensional


to reach the creamy


of our {vortexual}

~~~~~~~~~~~~MENTAL ORGASMIC FASCINATION~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

When I make love to your mental...


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