Black Spirituality Religion : When Does Your Premium Membership Expire?

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    Hello Family,

    I've been working on a way so that you can know when your PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP is due to expire. I've still not got it to the point that it will send out notices to Members that have Premium Memberships about to expire ... but you can all log into your control panel and see this information.

    Please take a look in your control panel and you'll find a new option listed down the left hand side of the page, near the bottom, labeled PAID SUBSCRIPTIONS. If you go to this page, and have an active and current subscription, the begin / expiration dates are listed. Please verify that yours is what it should be, as i was working in the wee hours of the morning doing this, with one eye crossed and stuff. It's easy to adjust if necessary.

    Also on this new PAID SUBSCRIPTION page is the option to buy / renew your Premium Membership. We've also added Paypal as a payment gateway for those that want it (folk have requested it specifically).

    Only Registered Members can access this PAID SUBSCRIPTION page.

    This new system will help in that, every Member will automatically be moved from PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP status to regular, once their premium membership expires. It is up to the each Member to renew.

    As a result of finally getting a system set up to maintain this (somewhat easier and more automated), i have removed 20 Members from the PREMIUM MEMBERS list. They all paid for less than 2 months of PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP status (either during the contribution time or since we implemented the premium membership). Since they paid less than $20.00, and the effective date of the Premium Membership campaign began May 1st, they did not pay enough to go through the month of June. So i just removed Premium Membership status from them. They should notice today, when they enter the forum, that they no longer have PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP status. If you are one of these, please go to the PAID SUBSCRIPTIONS page and renew your Premium Membership.

    There are about another 20 Members that will expire July 11th. These Members paid for 2 months of Premium Membership (during the contribution time or since we implemented the premium membership). With 2 months of premium membership paid, and the campaign took effect on May 1st, they would normally be covered from May 1 - June 30 .. but i extended their time a few days, so they could have time to renew before being removed from the PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP rolls. All Members that paid for 2 months, due to expire June 30th, have been given this July 11th date.

    I am making this announcement so that each Family Member, especially those who no longer have PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP status, and those who will be expiring July 11th, can know what's going on ... and hopefully renew their PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP status.

    Please take a look at your own PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP expiration dates, and let me know if you see any errors. Only the Member can see their own paid subscription information, you can't see what other Member's status is.

    For those who have never been a PREMIUM MEMBER, please consider doing so, as it gives you full access to all of our many features, and we really do need your financial support. As i've said before, this community has monthly costs to keep it running, and we could be so much more secure if everyone helped.

    If you have any questions or concerns, i'm right here.

    Much Love and Peace.