Black People : When Divine Inspirational Logic and Reasoning is perceived as senseless.

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    Beloved One:

    The quality of our mind-thoughts reveal who we are.

    We are still operating out of the Human Being mind-set when we perceive Divine Inspirational Logic and Reasoning being senseless.
    The Unhidden Agenda-New World Order & the definition of Human Being (Monster)

    ON the the Video:

    To find a definition of a Human being, you have to go back to 1948. To find info on the video, forward to TIME: 6:09, 10, 12, 13, 14, 15, 17

    Law Dictionary and pronunciation-Human being is a Monster. The Human being is Master.

    How we can accept anything that comes from another who says Divine Inspirational Logic and Reasoning is senseless? Suspected Human being Thinker.

    Would it be extraordinary humbleness for those who see Divine Inspirational Logic and Reasoning as senseless, to seek the meaning of what appears to be senseless, rather than say it is senseless? Is right to say It is senseless to not seek the meaning of what is being perceived as senseless?

    Is the (EGO) Easing God Out/Evil Going On, that is preventing one from researching the research behind that which they know not of?

    The Human Being Only mind-set can not understand/over stand the Divine Mind-set.

    “Watch your thoughts, for they become words.
    Watch your words, for they become actions.
    Watch your actions, for they become habits.
    Watch your habits, for they become character.
    Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.”

    We must be careful not to speak with a tongue that is still in captivity/slavery (Osiris).

    When we speak with a tongue from a Mind-set still in captivity, there is no Harmony, Order, Balance, Edification, Motivation, Inspiration, and Equipping others with Divine Inspirational Truth/Reality. That type of Slave mentality Tongue-Mind a (DEATH) sentence. Sometimes we can talk ourselves into our own Graves.

    Divine Inspirational Truth, Ignites, excites, escalates, elevates, levitates those who have a Will to receive it. Where there is Will there is a Way. The Will and Way is in the conscious/subconscious. Unconscious people will not be able to comprehend Divine Inspirational Information until they Will their Way out of the Humam Being mind-set, that comfortable, complacent, I have no complaints mind-set, when hell is the Center of their existence.

    We must be careful not to speak with Intelligence alone, and not have Divine Intelligent Information to back up that Intelligence we speak with, because among the Divinely Inspirational ones, they see straight through those who do speak without Divine Inspirational Information.

    Nothing will be totally understood fully when we are using the EGO Flesh Human Being nonsensical CRACK mind-set. Know the Spirit by the Spirit, and that means by the Quality of their SOUL-Mind-Thoughts/Aura.

    What keeps us behind and in Dis-Unity is NOT having a Divine Inspirational Mind-set.

    What type of a person among us do not desire a Divine Inspirational Mind-set?

    Why many of us refuse to learn the Art of being Still, allowing Truth/Reality to Season us before we call ourselves teaching others. Do we not know that a teacher is always in school learning all they are yet to know? A divine teache r respect and reconizes each other.

    Only a fool can fool another fool, but those Wise among us can see them both. (Osiris)

    Afrikan Proverb:
    One who do like to read is equal to the one who cannot read.

    Auset/ISIS: One who do not care to see, is equal to the one who can not see Divinely/Spiritually. One who do not care to hear, is equal to the one who can not hear Divinely/Spiritually. One who do not care to know is equal to the one who does not know Divinely/Spiritually. One who do not care to live is equal to the one who is dead Divinely/Spiritually.

    We must never pick a fight just for the fight of it, always let it be in the company of the Divine Truth, Sharing it I mean. (osiris0

    When others attack the Divine Truth coming from those who speak It, it is done so that we may ascend back into our Divine Mind, a Mind that require that we Think using profound Reasoning and undefile logic.

    I take the attacks against the effort of those who are aspiring to reclaim our Divine Mind to be that coming from the center of Mental confusion coming, so those that comes forth with Divine Truth, being not affected by those that come bearing the profane Lie and is capable of standing fast in the circle of Divinity, you become the True representative of the effort to no longer conform to the Human Being way of life and by doing so, it symbolize our Cosmic Ancestors pinning a Star in our Divine mind/Crown.

    The more intense the opposition comes, bringing that which is against Divine Truth, it serves as the measuring ROD of how fast we who speak Truth is ascending Divinely.

    Now we can either reject, or accept and SOP this Divine gravy of uninhibited Truth, because the Divine seekers do not intend to leave anything for the flies to swarm around, in an attempt to infect with a disease that bring on decay. Auset/Isis Osiris

    It is foolish to Debate/Fight with Divine Inspirational Information. It is fighting self, Universe/Nature, and the Divine Cosmic Ancestors, and for those who do, they will lose.

    "I tried to ignore the things that I knew, only to find that truth will beat the hell out of you." Keita Kenyatta

    "Saying Of Dr. Malachi Z. York, "Only Fools Duck, When The Truth Is Thrown At Them!"

    0 (God)+I (self)+It (Truth)+Is (Reality)=Divine

    God:qqb023:Self :SuN040: Truth/Reality:SuN030:
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    I'm not sure if you create these threads for discussion's sake, or mostly to address your concerns about discussions that have started in other threads using an intentionally vague,indirect manner...making sure to keep enough distance.

    I liken this to calling yourself a player in the game...yet you never truly get in the game, and prefer instead to run along the sidelines commenting on what the teams are doing.

    It would be more accurate to call such an interaction one of cheerleader, as opposed to participant.

    If I am wrong, and you posted this thread to spark discussion, then I must ask you, can you please provide ONE specific example of "divine inspirational information" which has been perceived as senseless.

    Just one will do.
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    :juggle: :juggle: :juggle::juggle: :juggle: :juggle::juggle: :juggle: :juggle:

    :juggle:Beloved Kemetkind:

    :hearts1: :hearts1: :hearts1:

    :juggle:Thank you, for that Divine Compliment, about me being a Cheerleader:juggle: :juggle: :juggle: for Divine Truth, Black Liberation/Salvation/healing, and for that, again, I thank you.

    Thank you for being an Instrument in the Divine Validation of who Divine Thinkers are, and we All can be.
    Here is three hugs.:grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug: for your Divine acknowledgment.

    :juggle:Because I Am being and KNOW THYSELF AS DIVINE SOUL, I and ALL Black womb-genders (females) Is the Below when they too Know and Be Thy Divine SOUL.

    :juggle:Correct me, I err. I think the below tops being a cheer leader.

    :juggle:The Queen Mother, is the Mother of Eternal Infinity and is not to be reduced to the Material geographical Level, She is the Divine Essence that is beyond being defined, she which has no Beginning nor Ending, nor does she has the need to create, because just by her mere Divine Action, reveal all that is of Truth And Reality, she is verified by all there is in and cause the physical Universe to be, with the Perfect Night serving as her Womb, from which all and everything that is of Matter and is Anti-Matter, which Is To be And Is Not, To Be, yet all is of that Divine Queen Mother, she which Transcend Space, Motion and Time, yet is the Mother of It All, making Her To be The all That I Am, That I Am Not.

    :juggle:The Queen Mother Is The Divine Essence.:juggle:

    :juggle:On the Anthropomorphous Level, the Queen Mother Is The Daughter Of the Essence Shadow, which Is the Perfect Night, the Black Eternal Infinite Mass being the Ethereal Universe, In Which Divine Truth and Reality Reside and is in a constant Motion of Coming and Going There From And Into.

    :juggle:The Anthropomorphous Queen Mother is The black Womb Gender Of The Physical Universe, carrying the Ethereal Divine Universe Within that Physical goddess Body, in other words, the Queen Mother is the Black Divine goddess of this Solar System and all others solar systems that make up the the physical Universe, She Is The Strength and Guide in and of the Physical Universe. (Auset/Isis and Osiris)
    :juggle:Beloved KK, while I am at it, don't tell anyone. Let me share something else with you that perhaps you and many others do not know about me.

    :juggle:Check around you to make sure the coast is clear, because I do not desire others to hear what I am getting ready to tell you. ALL Clear. Ready. Okay, here it is.

    :juggle:I Am addicted :SuN030:and on the Drug called Divine Truth/Reality. :SuN030: I do not go a milli-second/nanosecond without using the Syringe call Divine Truth to withdraw Divine Truth/reality from my conscious/subconscious. :SuN030:Inject Divine Truth :SuN030: :SuN030: in my conscious/subconscious. That is why I am able to be a Cheerleader :juggle: :juggle: :juggle: for that which is Divinely right. Divine Truth/Reality is in my veins, all the days of my life, and I will dwell in the House of Divine Truth/Reality, for Divine Truth/Reality is my Divine Rod and Staff.

    :juggle:I would love to stay and converse with you, but right now I am itching and scratching like a dog with fleas for a Fix of more Divine Truth.

    :juggle:Gotta go now, my Divine Truth Dealers (Cosmic) Ancestors is waiting in/on ALL Corners of my mind, to Inject me with some more Divine Truth.:juggle:

    :juggle:There is a Universal Supply of it (Divine Truth) that the world has never known. I encourage everyone to get this Divine Fix.

    :juggle:Divine Natural High:qqb018:

    :juggle:Up! Up! UP! and away. Divinely consciously flying higher than I ever known before.

    :juggle:Give me an S-Sirus :SuN030: Give me another S-Star:SuN030: Give me one more S-System::SuN030:

    :juggle:The place where we were first Born, our right once Divine mind-set.




    :juggle: :juggle: :juggle:

    Divinely Chillin:qqb003:
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    Beyond my own understanding
    Was some body high today or is it just me? :qqb008:
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    Beloved Jaisolovely
    :juggle: :juggle: :juggle:
    It depends on which reality you are speaking about?

    Divine Truthful high, Yes.

    :qqb018: :qqb018: :qqb018:
    Ego, Human, Divine...and then some
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    Ego, Human, Divine

    The View From The Divine And Human Side

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