Black Spirituality Religion : When devotion is full, the value – to God comes to the climax

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    When devotion is full, the value – to God comes to the climax
    When the knowledge is incomplete, - devotion is deficient, naturally
    You will fail in His tests, - of course, the human form of God, Satguru
    Can be helpful to get knowledge – of God that develops devotion.
    When devotion is full, the value – to God comes to the climax.
    If you meet Satguru, starting from – knowledge up to the tests,
    The total course is completed – in the presence of Satguru Himself.
    If you start knowledge with Guru, - you have to search Satguru for tests.
    Hanuman got knowledge from Sun, - the guru, then searched for Rama.
    Arjuna got Satguru and got knowledge – from Krishna, human form of God,
    Hanuman succeeded but Arjuna – failed in that birth, however the knowledge
    Continued with the soul of Arjuna – and he got salvation in two births.
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    I'm not certain what is meant by, "devotion is full", because can it be? The Father has done so much for us in sending His Only Begotten Son for our sake, so that we might have salvation by the blood of His sacrifice and so that we might have redemption by the resurrection of His body to life eternal on the 3rd day. With that done for us, what devotion can we place in that would be full to the Father and the Son to show how much we truly appreciate what has been done for us to live at Their side always?

    Maybe it comes to a full on how well you can show your devotion, but definitely not for just showing it, altogether.