Chief Elder Osiris : When Dealing Divinely With The Problems Of Afrika And Black Afrikans

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    When Dealing Divinely With The Problems Of Afrika And Black Afrikans

    Hoteph Beloved Sisters And Brothers:

    Let us Isolate Two of the most popular evil action that is going on against the Black people in Afrika, namely Darfur and Zimbabwe, for conversation, and let us eliminate from the equation of cause for such life action that is going on in those two Afrika States, the primary cause, by not pointing out the blame for those two Afrika States, oppressive, repressive and suppressive condition, and the fact being that such condition, is what is killing the Black Afrikan.

    Beloved, eliminate the primary cause of Afrika present condition and preach that we need to cease from being honest when dealing with what caused Afrika and Black Afrikans people to be in the condition we now find ourselves in, such dishonesty only serve to verify the working and power of those that are the primary cause for Afrika and Black Afrikan people present state of life affairs, and it most certainly is not the Black people of that so call Land call Afrika, we have emerged to be the secondary cause, for the condition we now live in.

    So, tell me, if Honesty is to serve as our drum major to Afrika and the Black Afrikan Liberation, then how in the hell can Black Folks not verify the Blame for Afrika and Black Afrikan people present Life Living condition and be viewed as being serious about causing a change in Afrika and the Black Afrikan condition today.

    Tell me, no, tell me, Did Black so call Afrikans serve to be the prime invaders upon themselves and acted in such a way to the extent that all of those Black people now live a demeaning and disrespectful Life as I speak ?

    Beloved, you all, many of you are well educated Black people, but when I hear you attempt to present a thesis against pointing Blame where it is due, then such ignorance reflect you Black educated so call Black Afrikans to be not so learned Black so call Afrikans.

    Beloved, is it not plain who it is that now control the World Society attitude and behavior today and is it not a Fact when it come to Afrika and the so call Black Afrikans, that the Black so call Afrikans are not the final arbitrators as to how the Black life and Afrika is to behave toward each other.

    Tell me beloved, who benefit the most if Afrika and the Black so call Afrikans maintain their present attitude and behavior now being displayed in Afrika today, certainly not the Black Afrikans.

    We Black folks act as if unless those people we now is attempting to call a Truce from blaming, for Afrika and the Black Afrikan present condition, if they do not come and save our kit and kin in Darfur, then the present condition of those sisters and brothers in Darfur will continue, yet that present Darfur condition was not created by the victims of their oppression, but is caused by the originators of such oppression and it extend beyond the immediate agent of a so call president of Darfur, which mean that the root cause for the condition of Darfur, happen to be the Caucasian Arabs, no different from the Caucasian Europeans and/or Zionist.

    So, let us deal for a moment with Zimbabwe and its present condition, as we pretend that the solution to Zimbabwe is so cut and dry to the extent if Mugabe is removed, Heaven will drop to be that of Zimbabwe, which suggest that Zimbabwe problem is a problem caused by President Mugabe, therefore you suggest there is no need to look any further for the prime cause for the people of Zimbabwe problems and you say we should stop Blaming the primary cause for Zimbabwe condition and just lay all of that evil in president Mugabe lap.

    So I ask, who was it that Zimbabwe/Rhodesia was in a war for their Liberation against, was Mugabe waring against himself, in pursuit of the people of Zimbabwe Liberation and tell me, why and who caused such a war needed to be fought, was it Black Afrikans fighting against themselves in pursuit of Zimbabwe Liberation, if not, then tell me who is to blame for Zimbabwe need to fight for a Land that has a connection to Black Folks way before there was a need for such a controversy that caused such a war over Land that belong to the people of Black Afrika, and in this case, Zimbabwe.

    Black Woman and Man, if you do not Blame the oppressing Caucasians for the present condition Afrika and the Black so call Afrikan Life is experiencing today, then toward whom do you suggest you point that critical finger toward, is it the present Buffoons that now portray themselves as leaders of Black so call Afrika today, no beloved, they now serve at the pleasure of the Caucasian, be they Europeans, Zionist and Arabs ethnicity.

    Why do you Think the people of Zimbabwe have yet to rise up with one unified action against what is happening to them in Zimbabwe and Dar fur or in Afrika per'se, well I will tell you why, their Spirit/ Mind has been broken in such a way that they do not have the physical strength of self protection, why, because of the lack of Health necessities that is being prevented from them having the freedom and ability to generate by their own physical action to fight for their freedom and I ask, who do you think is preventing Black Afrika and the Black Afrikan people from Living peaceful and Healthy, certainly not the Buffoonery of Black so call Afrikan Leadership, they are just tools used to maintain the created conditions that serve to be an evil to the Black living condition in so call Black Afrika.

    I will blame the primary cause that is producing the effect we see Black so call Afrikans life now suffering and here we are choosing not to deal with the primary cause, just the secondary cause for Afrika and the Black so call Afrikan Life condition today.

    The Socio-Economic political condition will become of major effect, only when the people now suffering from such Dictatorial oppressive and repressive condition is free from the True Cause that now hold Afrika and the Black so call Afrikan imprisoned in our own Land, willthere be justice measured out to the Black so call Afrikan.

    Black Woman and Man, it is Afrika and the Black so call Afrikan Liberation that should be the primary concern of the Black so call Afrikan, as I speak, and when that is accomplished, then all of the Socio-Economic political Dynamic action will be added and not before.

    Here Is Loving you

    Chief Elder
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