Black People : When a White Person Calls You N*gger They Mean It In a Nice Way

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    Teen who called officer N-word pulls a 'Fat Nick'


    The "Fat Nick" defense - claiming the N-word is actually a friendly greeting - is back again, this time by a Queens teen who used the epithet to address a cop during a Halloween melee.

    Patrick Rich, 17, whose brother was assaulted four years ago by Nicholas (Fat Nick) Minucci, says he invoked the term to address a black police officer, but meant no offense.

    "I didn't mean n----r in that way, that's just the way I talk," Rich told cops, according to papers filed in Queens Criminal Court yesterday. "I meant it in a friendly way."

    Minucci tried the same defense when he faced hate-crime charges in the beating of a black man in Howard Beach, Queens, last year. He was convicted and is serving 15 years.

    In the new case, Queens prosecutors yesterday added bias charges against Rich; his mother, Patricia Rich, 44; cousin Robert Glade, 22, and family friend Nicholas Stack, 16.

    The four were already facing charges of resisting arrest as well as other charges stemming from an Oct. 31 fracas in Broad Channel that began after someone threw an egg at an unmarked police car. They have denied making any of the statements and claim it was Detective Marques Stewart who went wild.

    "That [officer] was full of hate and anger," said Patricia Rich after yesterday's hearing before Queens Criminal Court Judge Gene Lopez. "I was trying to help."

    Patrick Rich held up a rap music CD he said shows his affinity toward blacks and denied making any of the statements. "They put words in my mouth," he said. "I'm not racist, I have blacks in my family .... Do you think I'm that stupid to make those statements?"

    Minucci pleaded guilty to attacking Patrick Rich's brother, John, in 2002. John Rich died in a subway mishap before he could testify against Minucci.

    Originally published on November 14, 2006