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    When A Brave Man Chooses Death

    Imaginary and the master of mind,
    the servant the master.
    The school of life.
    The drawing power of bravery the pride.
    The strength of the spirit who fears not death,
    understanding life will be upon the skies.
    A coward dies a thousand times
    within his own mind ,
    I the brave man shall only die once.
    The voices of the soul, and the connection with thy God.
    Mental law of habit within the cloak
    of a everlasting life.
    Sacrifice that I man have lived upon the earth.
    The human tarn heart that I have lived a clean slate.

    I shall not want I shall pass over and return.
    I your child thy God, have shared life labor,
    As every man of the world,
    The jungle the beast, the pain of no disgrace,
    The horror of bondage I give to thee,

    The eyes of the almighty,
    has breathed upon my trust.
    The deep breathes from the immensity
    of the heavens,
    dreams within the bleeding
    palms of humanities.
    Reactions of a divine soul.
    My spirit shall not die.

    When a man chooses death.
    fear the almighty bindery of man.
    Fearing the unknown believing
    in myths which is dictated by man.

    The two masters self and truth,
    the beliefs connection,
    with heaven and the universe.
    Life is death, death is life.
    The windows of the beginning
    the prophecy of transition,
    exhortation, humility, great reality,
    the way of truth self restraint.
    The laws of cause and effects.

    Everyday of life thy breath takes
    me to a arising that I shall live,
    Upon the paradise that thy Father God,
    gives thee upon the next breath that I take
    of the promise that God gives to man.
    Through thy womb
    I open the doors of creation,
    thy father breathes the breath
    upon the arrival of a new life.
    The awaking to live life.

    Thy torch that renders the ceremony
    of new breath,
    the reflections of a darken past.
    Within the realms of instant death.

    The almighty speaks I shall live,
    I shall awaken and breathe upon the night.

    You can kill my caucus but my spirit shall never die.
    I embrace the harp of the sweet sounds of rejoice,
    I give to thee of thou most honors.
    Thy father of creations,
    release me oh lord of the inner spirits,
    that bound me to a hell within thy self.
    Freedom, freedom, freedom,
    I the blood of thy on hands,
    Of resurrection that my spirit be free.
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    again u have touched my heart and spirit
    this my speech to higher hope ....thank u