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    I'm feeling kinda' naughty, but the vibe is nice

    Stark and startling I appear with all inhibitions flung
    Standing before you bold, butt naked, and nicely hung
    Verbalizing a sensual verse of late
    Watching you bite your bottom lip, drool, and salivate
    Figuritively speaking you go into a head spin and do back flips
    Anxiously moving about like a cat that craves cat nip
    With an intensifying urge, that in time, does not ease
    Because at a respectable distance my nakedness is a tortuous tease
    Moving ever closer to you while gettin' my prose on
    My nakedness grinds against your body, with all of your clothes on
    With the inviting vibes that you're throwing, I am a reciever
    I touch your forehead, you're hot, you have a fever
    Feverously horny you are; my eyes you intently watch
    All-the-while guiding my hand to a now-moist crotch
    And while through your clothes, I massage your treasure
    In a soft, strong male tone, I whisper "Whats your Pleasure"

    I kiss you and massage your crotch a few moments more
    You moan and breathe heavily from the passionate outpour
    Your p*ssy in my hand, your tounge in my mouth, this I adore
    Suddenly, your clothes magically fall to the floor
    Mind opening is the mental/physical erotic ajarment
    As I see the floor litered with sexy, girly undergarments
    Still with a handful of [email protected] with a feel of dariare
    I see a straples bra here, pair of panties there
    Here we be, as hot as two hot toddies
    Two awaiting startling stark naked bodies
    Up against one another, grinding away
    Each waiting for the other to move beyond the arousing foreplay
    With my endowed maleness stiffening, the candle is lit
    Using the head of my shaft to titilate your cl!t
    Teasing you as I tease myself, teasing measure for measure
    As I hold you, and your eyes are closed, I whisper "Whats your Pleasure"

    At the second asking, there wasn't much in the way of decidin'
    Just like your eyes, the gap between your legs widened
    Guiding my rod into you slowly, savoring the feel
    Letting out a blow as if you're blowing hot oatmeal
    We start up a rhythm, let the pace advance
    Before long I'm pumping into you, and we start to dance
    Backing you against a wall to which your @ss, I pin
    And your expression is more of a grimace than a grin
    With each thrust, and intended [email protected] pounce
    I jar your body and make your t!ties bounce
    As I ***** your lovely femaleness, sweet and tender
    We both approach the orgasmick experience to which we will ultimately surrender
    with a mean look on your face, set like the stones of stone henge
    Your expression is that of an angry woman out for revenge
    Working this grove without a hitch
    Instead of screaming my name, you yell "***** ME LIKE I'M A BAD @SS *****!!!"

    Shocked and amazed at what I was to hear
    I get excited and throw it into high gear
    Intensity growing hotter and bolder
    So much so, you bury your head into my shoulder
    One hand grabs my back, the other my @ss
    Grips and squeezes as I repeatedly impale you with my male mass
    That makes you groan and utter about
    And erotically, f*ckingly cuss me out
    "UH,... UH, UH,.... AHHH,... OOOOOOH!!!"
    You jump, you jerk, you twitch, you squirm, you bounce, you squeeze, you coo
    As I bring you to orgasm, to me your twat convulsions seranade
    Making the neighbors blush as I juice your p*ssy like lemonade
    I continue to ***** you with your eyes wide open, feeding my sexual consumption
    F*cking you, loving you, as the white lava spews from my eruption
    Slowing the pace, and still hard from these gestures
    I'm ready for round two baby,... so tell me,... Whats your Pleasure

    Written by: K-JiO
    (c) 2000
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    ~The hidden library...~
    The Erotic TKO....

    :jawdrop: :jawdrop: :jawdrop: :jawdrop: :jawdrop: :jawdrop: :jawdrop: :jawdrop: :jawdrop:

    I soooo wanted to leave a sophisticated and savvy reply...
    but this piece undressed my mind and left my thoughts
    and intentions blowing in the wind...

    I am in awe...

    This poem is like an aphrodisiac that leaves one coveting
    the passion that seethes beneath each word...

    Consider me...
    Officially Wowed!
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    what a snap & pop !!!!
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    Feelin kinda naughty huh? Tis the season I guess, lol. You took us on quite an adventurous poetic romp here, wow. Round 2? Let us catch our breath from round 1 okay? This was something else poet.