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    Introduction to the Enneagram

    The Enneagram system

    The Enneagram is a personality typing system that consists of nine different types. Everyone is considered to be one single type, although one can have traits belonging to other ones. While it's uncertain whether this type is genetically determined, many believe it is already in place at birth.

    The nine types (or "enneatypes", "ennea" means "nine") are universally identified by the numbers 1 to 9. These numbers have a standard way of being placed around the Enneagram symbol. Enneagram authors have attached their own individual names to these numbers. On this site the type names by authors Riso and Hudson are used. They are:
    1. The Reformer
    2. The Helper
    3. The Achiever
    4. The Individualist
    5. The Investigator
    6. The Loyalist
    7. The Enthusiast
    8. The Challenger
    9. The Peacemaker

    People of a particular type have several characteristics in common, but they can be quite different nevertheless. It depends among other things on their level of mental health. Unhealthy (neurotic) people from a particular type can look quite different from healthy ones. Riso and Hudson distinguish 9 levels of mental health (see their book Personality Types) and have type descriptions for each level of each enneagram type.

    Usually one has characteristics of one of the types that lie adjacent to one's own that are more prominent. This is called the wing. So someone who is a type 5, might have a 4 wing or a 6 wing. This may be abbreviated to "5w4" and "5w6". If one doesn't have a dominant wing, it is said that the wings are balanced.

    To find out which Enneagram type you are, see which description fits you most, or do the free Enneagram Test on this site.

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    My Enneagram Test Results
    You are most likely a type 3.
    Your wings seem to be balanced.

    No personality test is completely accurate. Although several measures were taken to make this test as accurate as possible, there's always a chance that you are not typed correctly by it. Therefore, when deciding which Enneagram type and wing you are, you might also want to consider the types with the highest test scores on the lists below.

    (Note that your lowest scores may be omitted.)
    Type 3 - 8.3
    Type 9 - 8
    Type 6 - 7.3
    Type 4 - 6.7
    Type 2 - 6.7
    Type 7 - 6
    Type 8 - 5.3
    Type 5 - 5.3
    Type 1 - 5.3

    Enneagram Type 3 - The Achiever
    Focused on the presentation of success, to attain validation

    Enneagram type 3 - the AchieverPeople of this personality type need to be validated in order to feel worthy; they pursue success and want to be admired. They are frequently hard working, competetive and are highly focused in the pursuit of their goals, whether their goal is to be the most successful salesman in the company or the "sexiest" woman in their social circle. They are often "self-made" and usually find some area in which they can excel and thus find the external approbation which they so desperately need. Threes are socially competent, often extroverted, and sometimes charismatic. They know how to present themselves, are self-confident, practical, and driven. Threes have a lot of energy and often seem to embody a kind of zest for life that others find contagious. They are good networkers who know how to rise through the ranks. But, while Threes do tend to succeed in whatever realm they focus their energies, they are often secretly afraid of being or becoming "losers."

    Threes can sometimes find intimacy difficult. Their need to be validated for their image often hides a deep sense of shame about who they really are, a shame they unconsciously fear will be unmasked if another gets too close. Threes are often generous and likable, but are difficult to really know. When unhealthy, their narcissism takes an ugly turn and they can become cold blooded and ruthless in the pursuit of their goals.

    Because it is central to the type Three fixation to require external validation, Threes often, consciously and unconsciously, attempt to embody the image of success that is promoted by their culture. Threes get in trouble when they confuse true happiness, which depends on inner states, with the image of happiness which society has promoted. If a Three has a "good" job and an "attractive" mate, she might be willing, through an act of self-deception which is also self-betrayal, to ignore the inner promptings which tell her that neither her job, nor her mate are fulfilling her deeper needs. Even the most "successful" Threes, who generally appear quite happy, often hide a deeply felt sense of meaninglessness. The attainment of the image never quite satisfies.

    Threes can sometimes mistype themselves when they mistake the more superficial features of their personalities as indicators of their type. So, for instance, an intellectual Three might mistype as a Five; a Three who is devoted to her role as mother might think she is a Two; a Three in a leadership position might mistype as an Eight and so on. Regardless of the manifestation however, the core of the type Three fixation is the deep need for external validation.

    type 1 | type 2 | type 3 | type 4 | type 5 | type 6 | type 7 | type 8 | type 9


    Usually one has characteristics of one of the types that lie adjacent to one's own that are more prominent. This is called the wing. So someone who is a type 5, might have a 4 wing or a 6 wing. This may be abbreviated to "5w4" and "5w6". If one doesn't have a dominant wing, it is said that the wings are balanced.

    Wing 3w2 - 11.7
    Wing 3w4 - 11.7
    Wing 2w3 - 10.9
    Wing 4w3 - 10.9
    Wing 9w1 - 10.7
    Wing 9w8 - 10.7
    Wing 6w7 - 10.3
    Wing 6w5 - 10
    Wing 7w6 - 9.7
    Wing 4w5 - 9.4
    Wing 2w1 - 9.4
    Wing 1w9 - 9.3
    Wing 8w9 - 9.3
    Wing 5w6 - 9
    Wing 5w4 - 8.7
    Wing 1w2 - 8.7
    Wing 7w8 - 8.7
    Wing 8w7 - 8.3

    Sounds bout Right!:em0100::bball::hi:

    Your Turn!

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    quick guess

    You are most likely a type 3 but it was a very close call to being a
    Enneagram Type 1 - The Reformer. My wing is a 4. Ooohhh.... I think that's a funky combination.

    Same as you Sister True an Achiever. Cool!

    I can relate to wanting external validation. I'm always asking my family to validate my feelings, lol. And when my relationship turned bad I got called a narcissist. Oh, there's that blunt truth I like to throw at others swinging back my way.

    BUT, I've known or a long long time that the appearance of success, the "right job", the right mate, etc... were not the keys to my happiness and i walked away from that life because it left me longing for something tangible inside.

    (I'm signing up as a volunteer with Calgary Wildlife Org) my heart leads me there, and I'm looking at opening a day home so that I can spend time with my son, be around children and be self-sufficient. It's not glamorous but it will satisfy me better than a fancy job title and leaving someone else to raise my baby.

    My ex was right, I'm not easy to live with! Dang.... I got some work to do. I bet he's a 7, that was always his best number and it certainly describes how I saw him - very enthusiastic.
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    thrivin' spiritually/physically/emotionally/financ
    where failure is not an option
    i took it

    Type 2 - 6
    Type 7 - 4.7
    Type 4 - 4.7
    Type 3 - 3.7
    Type 1 - 3.7
    Type 8 - 3.3

    Wing 2w3 - 7.9
    Wing 2w1 - 7.9
    Wing 3w2 - 6.7
    Wing 1w2 - 6.7
    Wing 4w3 - 6.6
    Wing 7w8 - 6.4
    Wing 3w4 - 6.1
    Wing 8w7 - 5.7
    Wing 4w5 - 5.4
    Wing 7w6 - 5.4
    Wing 1w9 - 5.2
    Wing 8w9 - 4.8

    Enneagram Test Results

    You are most likely a type 2.

    Your wings seem to be balanced.

    sounds about right i can help you cross the street, or i can help to see you never make it


    it says type 2 is the helper and needs to be needed, i DON'T need to be needed, but if you NEED me and i can do something to help i will

    but if you DON'T need me well............it's not like i sit around to be "needed" lol feel me

    i hope you do

    but just the same i don't ask for help often but when i do i pretty much need it, and that's usually a sign to my friends that yes i do need the help

    the test shows i'm a type 2, i don't mind helping as long as i can still live too
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    Enneagram Type 5 - The Investigator

    Type 5 - 11
    Type 3 - 9.3
    Type 8 - 8.7
    Type 7 - 7
    Type 2 - 7
    Type 6 - 6.3
    Type 4 - 4.3

    Wing 5w6 - 14.2
    Wing 5w4 - 13.2
    Wing 3w2 - 12.8
    Wing 8w7 - 12.2
    Wing 6w5 - 11.8
    Wing 2w3 - 11.7
    Wing 3w4 - 11.5
    Wing 7w8 - 11.4
    Wing 7w6 - 10.2
    Wing 6w7 - 9.8
    Wing 4w5 - 9.8
    Wing 8w9 - 9.7
    Wing 4w3 - 9
    Wing 2w1 - 8.9

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    Don't Ask
    Metro ATL
    Type 5 - 11.7
    Type 7 - 10.7
    Type 4 - 10.3
    Type 8 - 9.7
    Type 9 - 9.3
    Type 3 - 8.3
    Type 6 - 8
    Type 1 - 7

    Wing 5w4 - 16.9
    Wing 4w5 - 16.2
    Wing 5w6 - 15.7
    Wing 7w8 - 15.6
    Wing 8w7 - 15.1
    Wing 7w6 - 14.7
    Wing 4w3 - 14.5
    Wing 8w9 - 14.4
    Wing 9w8 - 14.2
    Wing 6w5 - 13.9
    Wing 3w4 - 13.5
    Wing 6w7 - 13.4
    Wing 9w1 - 12.8
    Wing 1w9 - 11.7
    Wing 3w2 - 9.3
    Wing 1w2 - 8
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    You are most likely a type 5.

    Your wings seem to be balanced.

    Type 5 - 10
    Type 1 - 9.3
    Type 3 - 8.7
    Type 7 - 8.3
    Type 6 - 7.7
    Type 4 - 7.7
    Type 8 - 7.3
    Type 2 - 6.7
    Type 9 - 6.3

    Wing 5w6 - 13.9
    Wing 5w4 - 13.9
    Wing 6w5 - 12.7
    Wing 4w5 - 12.7
    Wing 1w2 - 12.7
    Wing 3w4 - 12.6
    Wing 1w9 - 12.5
    Wing 7w6 - 12.2
    Wing 3w2 - 12.1
    Wing 4w3 - 12.1
    Wing 7w8 - 12
    Wing 6w7 - 11.9
    Wing 8w7 - 11.5
    Wing 2w1 - 11.4
    Wing 2w3 - 11.1
    Wing 9w1 - 11
    Wing 8w9 - 10.5
    Wing 9w8 - 10

    I'd say that 5 is pretty accurate but that 1 was feeling much like me as well.

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    The Meek !Shall! Inherit the Earth.
    StreetNationEarth: Seattle
    does this one fit?

    a peacemaking reformer! lol - s'pose so. (well, that should be, actually, a "reformative peacemaker", but that nine seems to "feel" more closely accurate.)

    Enneagram Test Results

    You are most likely a type 1. Taking wings into account, you seem to be a 1w9.

    Type 1 - 9.3
    Type 9 - 8.7

    Wing 1w9 - 13.7
    Wing 9w1 - 13.4

    Enneagram Type 1 - The Reformer

    Perfectionists, responsible, fixated on improvement

    Enneagram type 1 - The Reformer
    People of this personality type are essentially looking to make things better, as they think nothing is ever quite good enough. This makes them perfectionists who desire to reform and improve; idealists who strive to make order out of the omnipresent chaos.

    Ones have a fine eye for detail. They are always aware of the flaws in themselves, others and the situations in which they find themselves. This triggers their need to improve, which can be beneficial for all concerned, but which can also prove to be burdensome to both the One and those who are on the receiving end of the One's reform efforts.

    The One's inability to achieve the perfection they desire feeds their feelings of guilt for having fallen short, and fuels their incipient anger against an imperfect world. Ones, however, tend to feel guilty about their anger. Anger is a "bad" emotion, and Ones strive sincerely and wholeheartedly to be "good." Anger is therefore vigorously repressed from consciousness, bursting forth in occasional fits of temper, but usually manifesting in one of its many less obvious permutations - impatience, frustration, annoyance and judgmental criticality. For this reason, Ones can be difficult to live with, but, on the high side, they tend to be loyal, responsible and capable partners and friends.

    Ones are serious people; they tend to be highly principled, competent and uncompromising. They follow the rules and expect others to do so as well. Because they believe so thoroughly in their convictions, they are often excellent leaders who can inspire those who follow them with their own vision of excellence. Reform movements are frequently spearheaded by Ones.

    Ones are often driven and ambitious, and are sometimes workaholics. But whatever their professional involvement, they are definitely active, practical people who get things done. They are natural born organizers, listmakers who finish everything on the list, the last one to leave the office, the first one to return, industrious, reliable, honest and dutiful.

    The relentlessness of their pursuit of the ideal can make Ones tense people who have a hard time relaxing and who unnecessarily deny themselves many of the harmless pleasures of life. They tend to be emotionally repressed and uncomfortable with expressing tender feelings; they generally see emotionality as a sign of weakness and lack of control. They are seldom spontaneous. They have multiple interests and talents however; they are self-reliant and seldom run out of things to do.

    Ones are often intelligent and independent and can easily mistake themselves for Fives, but unlike Fives, Ones are primarily people of action, not thought. Ones tend to worry and are prone to anxiety and can sometimes mistype as Sixes, but they are far less affiliative than Sixes and their standards are not reached by seeking consensus with a group. Finally, the relentless pursuit of perfection can take its toll and lead to depression. At such times, a One can mistype as a Four. But Fours have a tendency towards self-indulgence whereas Ones are self-denying. Fours are emotionally expressive; Ones are emotionally constrained.

    Enneagram Type 9 - The Peacemaker

    Keeping peace and harmony

    Enneagram type 9 - The Peacemaker
    People of this personality type essentially feel a need for peace and harmony. They tend to avoid conflict at all costs, whether it be internal or interpersonal. As the potential for conflict in life is virtually ubiquitous, the Nine's desire to avoid it generally results in some degree of withdrawal from life, and many Nines are, in fact, introverted. Other Nines lead more active, social lives, but nevertheless remain to some to degree "checked out," or not fully involved, as if to insulate themselves from threats to their peace of mind. Most Nines are fairly easy going; they adopt a strategy of "going with the flow." They are generally reliable, sturdy, self-effacing, tolerant and likable individuals.

    Nines tend to adopt an optimistic approach to life; they are, for the most part, trusting people who see the best in others; they frequently have a deep seated faith that things will somehow work out. They desire to feel connected, both to other people and to the world at large. They frequently feel most at home in nature and generally make warm and attentive parents.

    The Nine's inability to tolerate conflict sometimes translates into an overall conservative approach to change. Change can provoke unpleasant feelings and disrupt the Nine's desire for comfort. Less healthy Nines seem incapable of motivating themselves to move into action and bring about effective change. When change does come however, as it generally will, Nines find that they are usually well able to adapt. They tend to be more resilient than they give themselves credit for. In fact, Nines tend not to give themselves enough credit in general, and their self-effacing attitude often seems to invite others to take them for granted or to overlook their often significant contributions. This can cause a subterranean anger to build inside the Nine's psyche, which can erupt into consciousness in occasional fits of temper which quickly blow over, but which more often manifests itself in passive agressive footdragging. Being overlooked is often a source of a deep sadness in Nines, a sadness that they scarcely ever give voice to.

    Nines frequently mistype themselves as they have a rather diffuse sense of their own identities. This is exacerbated by the fact that Nines often merge with their loved ones and through a process of identification take on the characteristics of those closest to them. Female Nines frequently mistype as Twos, especially if they are the mothers are small children. Nines, however, are self-effacing whereas Twos are quite aware of their own self worth. Nines also mistake themselves for Fours, but Nines tend to avoid negative emotions whereas Fours often exacerbate them. Intellectual Nines, especially males, frequently mistype as Fives, but Fives are intellectually contentious whereas Nines are conciliatory and conflict avoidant.
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    You are most likely a type 7 or 9.

    Taking wings into account, you seem to be a 4w5 or 5w4.

    Type 7 - 9.3
    Type 9 - 9.3
    Type 5 - 8
    Type 2 - 7.7
    Type 4 - 7.7
    Type 8 - 3.3
    Type 6 - 2.7

    Wing 5w4 - 11.9
    Wing 4w5 - 11.7
    Wing 9w8 - 11
    Wing 7w8 - 11
    Wing 7w6 - 10.7
    Wing 9w1 - 9.7
    Wing 5w6 - 9.4
    Wing 4w3 - 8.7
    Wing 2w3 - 8.7
    Wing 2w1 - 8.1
    Wing 8w7 - 8
    Wing 8w9 - 8
    Wing 6w7 - 7.4
    Wing 6w5 - 6.7