Food Discussion : What's Your Favorite Food?


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Mar 16, 2015
I am a chef by trade and have worked on the odd occasions with American chefs.

I learnt about Gumbo and crayfish....

Now for you guys that live in cities like New York can you tell me what you think of Jamaican cuisine?

My favourite Jamaican food include the following:

Cornmeal Porridge is the business.

Salt fish and cabbage
Stuff roast fish
Fried fish

Cow foot with butter beans
Brown stew chicken
Curry goat / chicken
Mutton butter beans and hard food

Chicken Soup
Mannish Water

On the world stage I like some of the following.

Chicken and spinach balti
Thai green curry
Dried spicy spare ribs with egg fried rice.
North African mezze
Middle Eastern grills and stews
Paella / Spanish food
Mexican food
Greek food
French and Italian.

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