Black People : What's Your Favorite Brother OldSoul Class?

GrandHustle said:
Hey Fam!

What's your favorite Brother OldSoul Class? Share one or several key points from the class.

Okay, okay...I can do this...let me think..

:thinking: :thinking: :thinking:
:thinking: :thinking: :thinking:
Bumping my head up against the wall...geesh...let me run :run: to the Archives for a second to review them ...brb

:eek:oops: ...that didn't help none...
How do you pick from Perfection?

...but I needs to give a answer, I can't pick which I like best, at least I can share my 3 worst ones with-cha doe

1. Hospitalized (no excuse, should have rolled:wchair: ya self on in here)
2. Power outage (due to storm)
3. Chat problems (server went haywire)

So get on the ball Teacher...:hearthis: we have a agenda
Family ... i've updated post #2 to the best of my knowledge, including all classes and titles that i can find information on. I believe we started earlier than the date first listed, and i know we weren't recording the first classes.

If you have any info to add, let me know, and i'll edit that post.

Love Yall !!

Thank You So Much Brother OldSoul ... :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown:



queentswana, you have me rollin over here!!!!

I appreciate this thread and the responses. Your comments, thoughts and feelings about sessions that touched and/or affected you in some way help me to focus even better as we seek to raise our collective consciousness.
And we'll keep doing it till we dont need it anymore or they break down the door and take me awa........

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