Black People : What's Your Favorite Brother OldSoul Class?

Brother Grand ... thanks for starting this thread. I'm going to reserve this spot to list all of his classes that i can remember. There have been so many, it may help folk to remember which is their favorite, if they can see them all listed in one place.

Thanks Again ... :toast:

Okay Family ... i have begun to try and capture all of the classes and titles that Brother OldSoul has presented.

Brother OldSoul and Sister Queen ... as you can see, i am missing some. If you all can fill in any blanks let me know and i will edit the list below. Also, you can see that some titles are missing. I have recordings for those, just did not label them. We may have to listen to them again, to determine what the topic of it is.

Brother OldSoul Classes - 2004

021504 - How Much Smarter Would You Feel

022904 - The Spook Who Sat By The Door

030704 - Reconstruction

062704 - Black Men, Saving Ourselves

071804 - The Pyramids

081404 - How To Control People

082304 - Egyptian Mystery Schools

082904 - Cognitive Dissonance

090504 - Selected Proverbs From The Ancient Egyptian Temples

091204 - How To Be Smarter

091904 - Visioning - Developing Living Pictures of History

092604 - (recording not titled)

100304 - (recording not titled)

101404 - (recording not titled)

101704 - Micro Insults and Micro Aggression

102704 - How To Be Worth a Million Dollars

103104 - The Magic Negro

110704 - Black White Minstrel Show

111404 - The Most Valuable Commodity Black People Have

112004 - (recording not titled)

112804 - (recording not titled)

120504 - The Principles of New Speak

121204 - Prison and Black Manhood: Truths, Lies, and Myths

Brother OldSoul Classes - 2005

032705 - Jesus in Braids

040305 - Blazin' - The Wild Wild West

040705 - Imagine Nation !

041005 - How Cointelpro Destroyed Us!

051105 - Hutu, Tutsi, and Twa

051805 - Saying Their Names Aloud

052505 - The Healing Spa

060505 - Things you may not know about the Black Panther Party, Fred Hampton's murder, Mumia Abu-Jamal's frame-up, MOVE and what's going on today

061005 - Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome

061605 - Father's Day Session - Outstanding Fathers !

062505 - 4 Black Men with 1 Voice World Wide

062905 - Moving To The Next Level

071705 - The Wall of Respect

072005 - Consciousness and Healing

072405 - The Vital Importance of Organizing (Your Family, Neighborhood, Community, City, Nation and World)

073005 - One Step Away From Greatness - Being Extra-Ordinary - Be, Do, Have

080705 - The 'People's Car' and 'No Black Men for your Daughters'

090305 - What's Happening on the Gulf Coast - Katrina

092505 - You Dont Know What You Dont Know: Secrets of International Power

103005 - Outlaws, Thugs, and Kunte Kente!

110605 - How to Become Dis-Illusioned

110905 - France Riots

111305 - CallieHouse - National Ex-Slave Mutual Relief, Bounty, and

111605 - White Priviledge

112005 - Sub Liminal 2

112705 - Rebellions - We Have Always Resisted

113005 - Fred Hampton Jr. and H. Rap Brown

120405 - Fred Hampton Jr. and Mumia Abu Jamal

120705 - (recording not titled)

121405 - Becoming Independent

121405 - Knowledge vs Education - How to Live to be 200 Years Old

121805 - Heaven, Hell, and Purgatory

122805 - (recording not titled)

Brother OldSoul Classes - 2006

010806 - What You Don't Want To Know About The CIA

011106 - Black People Business

011506 - The Hidden History of South Africa

011806 - A Conversation on Wealth

012206 - Empower Sarafina

012506 - Why Black Sperm and The Black Womb are so Important to White America

012906 - Wilmington Coup De'Tat of 1898

020106 - (recording not titled)

020806 - A Little Inner Attainment

021206 - Pullman Porters

021906 - Idlewood, Black Paradise

030106 - Support Black Business

030806 - Shootout with the FBI

031206 - Suspected Bank Robbers

031906 - Tricknology

032606 - Eugenics

040206 - GangStarPimpin: The Commercial

041606 - An Unflinching View of Lynching

042306 - History of Sex

043006 - Da Vinci Code and Black People

050606 - Reverse Reparations

052706 - Coltan, Cellphones, Videogames: The Connections

060706 - Mutants


First, let me say that this a difficult question to answer since ALL the classes I've had the pleasure of attending have been EXCELLENT. (Medase pa to Bro OldSoul)

If I had to pick one, it would be... Outlaws, Thugs, and Kunta Kente

I recently read an essay by another esteemed jegna and he made similiar arguments to those I had learned in Brother OldSoul's class.
GrandHustle said:
Hey Fam!

What's your favorite Brother OldSoul Class? Share one or several key points from the class.

It's been a while for me but I would have to say the class where he discussed the state executions of Fred Hampton and Mark Clark. In which brother Old Soul played a taped interview with comrade Fred hampton, Jr.

For the month of August, in commemoration of "Black August" I think it would be a good idea to bring "Junior" in, if possible, and to give some history on the Movement, and where it's at today. Comrade also could directly answer some questions or concerns I have raised here concerning "white allies" and coalition building. And since there seems to be an abundance of criticism and outright disdain for Tupac Shakur, brother-Comrade could also give some "update" concerning Mutulu Shakur and how the Movement presently views the life and person of Tupac Shakur, who brother Fred himself is fond of referring to as a "Pantha cub"....Peace!


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