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Jun 8, 2004
panafrica said:
That's what happens when you stop listening to your black father, and start spending all your time & money with white men.

Pan, you and Therious need your own talk show * LOL! Yawl brothas'd put Steven A. Smith to shame! Make 'um look like a lil mealy-mouthed sucka lame!LOL! Whew, try tellin' us what'cha really feel, brother(smile!)

Brother O, these women are so rich about now that they've clearly lost their hunger... And Pan is right! Serena actually filed suit against her dad late last year, saying he signed some deal against her and her agent's wishes and permission... Now, she's a grown-azzed woman, and she has the right to say NO to papa(as my daughters would do to me), but not in white man's courts... That turned me off completely, with her blonde-wig-weave-wearin' think I used to love them big legs - pleeeze!



going above and beyond
Jun 18, 2004
north philly ghetto
retired computer geek
when i said she was too fat and out of shape last year, i got all kinds of grief from folks.
turns out i was correct.

they have been bamboozled.
they will not make it as models or actresses and now they will not make it as tennis players either.
there are people in each of these fields who do it full time. a full time person beats a part time person any time.
if they focus on tennis full time they could win again.

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