Internet Technology : what's wrong with facebook? what is the down side of facebook?


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Feb 28, 2009
i have now had a couple people tell me they will not go on facebook.
will someone tell me what is the down side of facebook?

Well, I never did do "MySpace" when it was all the rage; and I was kinda late to the Facebook thang. But, I don't see the problems some other people may have with Facebook.

Unlike a message board, one gets to choose/approve whom will be on your "Friends" list, who can post on your page, and who can even view your page.

I have over 600 "Friends" made up of family; high school and college mates; past and present co-workers; and my Sorors and Fraternity Brothers, mostly Black. --- all of different faiths and age groups: 20s thru 60s. Also, I have some homosexual friends and family members.

I don't do FB "beefs" and, frankly, I HAVE and WILL delete or block someone if their posts, which come across my page, are disrespectful, silly, childish and/or obscene. I don't care who they are, family or not. That's their business but I don't have to see their mess.

But, for the most part, all of my "Friends" are respectful with what they post. And, most GROWN FOLKS know better than to air their personal business on FB.

At my age, most of my "Friends" are posting about their community outreach, church, hobbies, careers, family/children/grandchildren, and funny or motivational stuff. We also have discussions about politics, religion, the Black Family, finances and relationships.

Again, overall, I don't see or experience the negatives some others do with Facebook. You can "share" as much or as little as you'd like and you can choose who "shares" with you.


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Nov 2, 2009
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Facebook is the opposite of an anonymous message board like it's a message board where everyone's identity is verified.. loosely through association.

The downside really depends on the kind of people you connect-up with. The one thing I don't like is hearing all of the bad news that folks have to share. Depending on how large your circle of friends is, it can really impact you.. especially as we get older.. and more and more people start getting sick.. and surgeries.. and dying..

I'm linked up with folks that I've known since 1st grade.. and family all over the world.. and also I have another account just for folks I've never met in person.. it can be useful.. but I don't use it nearly as much as I once did..


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Sep 17, 2012
i have now had a couple people tell me they will not go on facebook.
will someone tell me what is the down side of facebook?

I have been invited by friends of mine to join Facebook. I am not interested. I have no intention of posting my personal information on a website where millions of people can see. As a rule I only go on Destee and another Christian website. I personally believe that my time should be used wisely and being on Facebook is not my cup of tea.:(

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