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Discussion in 'Black Health and Wellness' started by MaMa Diaomi, Sep 24, 2003.

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    While my many of my brothers and sisters suffer from high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity, and diabetes as well as many other deceases related to poor eating habits, others are living healthy and lifting there bodies and consciousness to higher heights. What is it that im talking about?
    In case you all haven't realized, Afrikan Vegetarians and naturalist are on the horizon. Whether you indulge in eating flesh or not our Afrikan brothers and sister are returning home and they have not just limited themselves to the foods instead the have changed their everyday lifestyle in general. Yes ! Our people are finally waking up and realizing the benefits of returning to their natural roots and embracing the earth and all of her elements. Years ago, way back when Afrikan vegetarians were un heard of. Now even the hottest "Soul Food" spots in the south are offering vegetarian dishes to accommodate those who don't eat of animal flesh. We are doing amazing things with or lifestyles but the struggle is not over. Each one must teach one or even two or three if you like. So what's the buzz you ask? Well, all I have to say is if you haven't tried it don't knock it.
    I myself can remember way back when, about six years ago when I was one of those under cover wanna be conscious black folk. For goodness sake, I had a tailored weave, my nails done, the " hottest" Tommy Hilfiger and latest name brand clothes. I can see my sister girl right she had a finger wave and twelve inch silky straight hanging on her shoulders. We just came back from getting our nails done and If I do say so myself....we thought we had it going on. I remember us stopping at the corner store on 54th street of Miami's Liberty City near the Martin Luther King memorial. I got some plantain chips and a pack of double mint pack of gum. On the way out I bought four bootleg C.D.'s and a video tape to watch when I got home. When we got in the car she asked me if I wanted a sip of her Kool-Aid. Brothers and sister I tell you no lie, Before I even got the chance to answer she looked at me and replied, "oh I forgot....your to white to drink Kool-Aid. Although, I never answered to her ignorant statement It was in my thoughts for days. It was puzzling to me as to why she would say that. As I contemplated on her statement and about what is was that made me wanting to drink live juices and fresh water "white". I thought about how many labs right here in Amerika have created the very chemicals Kool-aid contains. On that very same note I remembered growing up and hearing that their aint a black folk around that don't have red Kool-Aid in the they fridge. Suddenly then it hit me, why had I never even seen a white family in a Kool-Aid commercial? Man, I thought I was going crazy. It was just beyond my comprehension why we had to believe that what is inferior is best for us. Why can't we indulge in the pleasures of fresh fruit juices and refreshing water? Why do we have to drink the cheapest 6/1.00 drink out there on the market and then call it a "black thing"? Brothers and sisters I don't know. A year later I changed my lifestyle completely and the girl I ran with all through High-school and loved like a sister was now loved from a distance and no longer my best friend. In fact, I had lost many friends as well as the respect from my fellow family members and associates.
    For many eating fruits, vegetables, roots, and grains of the earth is more than a lifestyle. It is breaking an ancestral chain.. It is another way of connecting with the vast energy of the earth and embracing what nature has to offer. Some even say that eating of the earth....eating a PLANT BASED diet brings you closer to the creator since all things of the earth come from him. While I share in all of these beliefs I also strongly believe that hammocks, chitterlings, and pigs feet are foods that only a slave could enjoy. After all, weren't we feed these foods simply because our slave master didn't want them? After we were stripped, beaten, and robbed of every thing we knew including our very own name, when we so called "landed" here in America did we ask for a meal and request the intestines of the pig and other greasy fattening foods over indulged in lard and fat back while the more healthier foods were fed to those of so called higher statuses? If we continue to plague our bodies and teach future generations that this is the "black way" isn't that after all giving in to yet another lie and breaching the internal contract that our mind and bodies hold in abeyance with our Ancestors and God given Land of Afrika? Our ancestors were not brought here by free will, that is evident. The choices they had were few if at all any. While today, we still face many injustices nobody can tell us what to eat, it is up to each and ever person to decide for themselves whether they want to break the ties and as Brother William Upski Wimsatt put it ....Bomb the suburbs. No, not the physical suburbs. But seriously people, we need to Indinkra. We need to reject the slave mentality and lift ourselves higher. IF we can be conscious of what we eat and how we live the revolution will be more than a twinkle in our eye, it will be more than just tell lie vised. (Televised) We could walk it, live it, and teach it. We could hold it and embrace it in our very hands and give the gift of honor and truth to ourselves and those to come after us.
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    Hello and Welcome :wave: Sister MaMa Diaomi

    The facts you have pointed out are so true. We do have a choice in the food we put into our body. Healthy eating will induce a clearer mind, i like your point

    Breaking that mental chain, welcoming a Healthier balance.