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Oct 13, 2006
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What's in a word?

The words we read, only help to produce sound. These words also hold a definition trapped in the subconsciousness.


It's the same sound. But different words and meanings. So is praying also preying? No. All words, are names.


In the word "Pray" we have the powerful sound of RA. In the word Prey we have the sound RE, RA in reverse.

We can learn the true meaning of words by just -reading them for what they are, and listening to their sounds meanwhile comparing the shortest words and sounds to one another. By following simply mathematical logic.

So what do Marcus Garvey.
Macolm X and
Martin Luther King Jr. have in common?


Is this a coincidence?
The collective unconscious plays out not only in dreams, but in language and human interaction. The English language is a library of popular sounds, redefine in most cases to confuse people of different languages. People will spend years of energy debating over what different words means by using the principles laid out by Webster's dictionary.

But everything in the Universe is mathematical. The brain is mathematical. So if you can't figure something out, based on the simple logic of mathematics, then unfortunately something is wrong with the brain. Numbers don't lie. Putting "two and two" together is not rocket science.

So Why is the "MA" sound so powerful in the hallways of the collective Human unconscious? MA as in MAAT. MATH. MATA. MAMA. MAMI.

MA is also the sound of a kiss.
MA is the first pronounced word of a baby.

The MA sound is also hidden. Listen to words carefully.
MIND. Which is also: MINE.

What makes names and words powerful in essence, is what type of sounds are associated with what type of symbols, and what these symbols means and carry in the realm of the unconscious or super conscious mind.

So regardless if you speak the sound: MIND or MINE, you are still manifesting the same energy in the Universe. You are attracting the same energy.

MA, is the powerful sound of AUM in reverse. AUM is also known as OM, the universal OM sound of peace used in meditation to over a billion people on the planet. The AUM sound is the vibration of the planet itself, which is a B flat.

Chanting AUM, aligns the mind, bio current and vibrations with the planet. Which is why it leads to a feeling of peace, calm and higher spiritual experience.

The reference of AUM, which is MA- is the manifestation of that energy. MA is the earth, Mother Earth or the Spirit of the Earth in flesh, or experiencing form. MA is love in the form of balance, as in MAAT.

The name Michael is also powerful in this regard. If anyone named Michael is fed the right vibrations, groomed by the right energy- they usually grow up to influence the world in some way.

MAEYEKAL: Has 3 power sounds. MA. EYE (i). and KA.

There was a time in history when those with the knowledge fashioned names using some of these same principles, numerology, astrology and Ancestry also played a key role in how names were fashioned by African people.

It's also very African that we usually change words over to how they really sound. Europeans are popular in this regard. Using language to deceive the mind. Personally I think all words should sound the way they are read.


Within the word is the sound: FREE.
This sound breaks down to be: FA-RE. I.E: Fare. Fair. Same energy. Different words.

Fire. Fare. Fair. Free.

If you didn't know what these words meant at all, all we'd have to do is compare them. They are all telling the same story.
The vibration of sound, resonates the frequency of mind. This is why it is possible for people to speak to one another using only tone. You can tell by a person's "tone" what they are really saying. In fact, tone can change the meaning or intent of a word entirely.

That's one of the main problems with communicating on the internet. You can't hear a person's tone unless you can hear their voice. While some things can be said with wit, it can come off as an insult if read incorrectly.

Perhaps even some things in the Bible are intentional jokes too, whereas without knowing the "tone" it can come off as gospel.

But these are problems our Ancestors did not have, as well as other natural communities. People interacted with one another. The written word, while useful for study and education was still reviewed in a collective environment so that any misunderstandings could be ironed out.

Hi - High

The same word. Different meaning. Hi- is a greeting. High- is a level.
But the greeting "Hi" is still speaking about a level. As in "Top of the morning."
Hi- is speaking about the Sun's position in the sky.

It's interesting that the word "High" has a "gh" glued to the back of it, and somehow we are programmed to think these words are being pronounced in some way. The "gh" is basically getting a free ride here. But why?

Remember words are also symbols for something.

As in music, there aren't any new sounds, no new notes. Sounds can only be rearranged. All languages use the same sounds, and all those sounds hold a frequency that resonates with the symbols of the collective unconscious.

Cut away all the fat, and get right down to the bone- we all still live off the Ancient Ancestral super conscious. An Ancient world where pitch black night was filled with creatures of power and magic. Your survival would depend on your mind, and how your mind chooses to use the elements of water, earth, wind and fire.

So what's in a name or a word? Symbols for mind, spirit, fire, water, earth, and air. How these elements are mixed together, plays a key role in how the personality of the person with the name affects reality.

It's obvious that the "Ah" sound is air. The "Ah" sound also symbolizes something being pointed out. All sounds have an association with a human behavior, or even a part of the body. In a sense, all language is mental sign language. Another reason why creating language is not difficult at all for African people is because we are visual.

So even if you didn't know my language, and I yelled out "AH-HA!"
You'd know I just discovered something right?

Is "AH-HA" English? No. It's universal. You can go to any country in the world and scream that out and people will know you found something. Why is that? Why is it that we all laugh in the same tone, in the same manner? Because we all pull from the same collective unconscious, and the server for that network is no doubt - African.

If you listen to language, even the Korean language- pretend for a moment that those Koreans are African. What's the difference? Not much. The Korean language like most languages on the planet sound just like the beating of drums.

Fire. Fare. Fair. Free.

Fire burns, Fare is a price for travel, Fair is light, good enough, Free is a departure from slavery.

RE is a transformer. Anything with RE in it, is being transformed into something else. RA is a life or light giver, the Sun- also known as a transformer. RA means that something is creating energy.

Pay close attention to the F sound. What happens when we makes the F sound? We produce Wind or air.

So without having to pull out a dictionary, FIRE, FARE, FAIR, FREE- begins with the power of with all F words.

Now look at the word FARE- it's already telling us what it means. F- AIR.

So what are these words saying about Air? Air can't be trapped.
The sound 'EYE" or I, means single object in sight, the self, etc. Ironically the mouth draws the symbol when you speak it. It's the same symbol as One.

F-I-RE = object of air transforming. Meaning that fire can turn things into ash, etc. Sometimes the glyphs or letter tells the story as well.

Fire. Fare. Fair. Free= tells a story about the price of survival.
When trapped by a stronger force, use fire. When trapped by an authoritative force, pay the fare. When trapped by your own force, be fair. When trapped by no force, be free.

When trapped by a stronger force?


Obviously there is much more to words and even our names that we should all take the time to discover. It's all matter or listening to how words sound, and comparing those sounds to other words and asking ourselves what we we feel when we hear it.

I've always loved the beauty of females with names that begin with KA or KE.
All names usually divide into 2-4 parts- as in syllables the building blocks of words. These 2-4 parts help to define the body, mind and soul of the person.

Take a name like: KADISHA. also: Khadija


Ka is the body. Dee- is the mind. Sha- is the soul.

The KA sound, is like smoke rising out from fire, and naturally it becomes the visual for the soul or spirit.

DEE- or DEY means light, as in day.

SHA or JAH - is movement of spirit or soul.

I've heard Bill Cosby and others poke fun at how Black Mothers give their babies these crazy "Black" names in the past. Well, most Black Women are very intuitive, and this is why we find so many names with the same sound on the end. Like Keisha. Tasha. Natasha. That KA and SHA sound is very important to African people, at the front of the name, or at the back. Because we are dealing with the body and soul here. These sounds speak about our spirituality as a people.

But I wouldn't expect anyone named "Bill" to understand that one. Black folks hardly like bills at it is. However- When trapped by an authoritative force, pay the fare.
Brother MetaSaience ... thanks for this thread.

When i first saw the title, i immediately thought of all the weird, and sometimes disrespectful names folk choose to register here, many that don't get past the front door. From the title, i thought i'd be able to speak to that, within context, but you are on a much higher level here. You're way beyond my understanding, though i'm intrigued by all that you've shared. So i won't speak to this particular thought of mine any further (right now), but i do invite you to speak to it, if you're so inclined.

What i do want to ask though, that seems more in line with this thread, than my initial thought ... is what does the word ... hello ... represent?

I remember some time ago, a Member challenged the use of that word, and it's never really left me. They implied that using the word hello, suggests "hell" and why would we greet someone (we loved or cared about) in this manner.

Would you mind sharing your thoughts on this word ... hello.

Thanks in advance.


Greetings Mother Destee,

as always with threads like this one- we have to follow the direction of interest.
I was interested in that as well, I'm glad you bought it up as far as our internet names, or screen names.

I've seen the names you talk about. I think by now we've all seen then, especially on sites like Black Planet. I often wondered why did Black Planet have so many names that give sexual visuals. Then a friend of mine reminded me that BlackPlanet is controlled by Asian investors, and this is how they think of us.

When I first started decoding names ironically I started online and I'd give people the spiritual or metaphysical meaning for their screen names. Then as I studied further I learned that anyone can do it, by simple comparing like words and sounds.

HELLO- could be a word opposite to Hi, The Sun is Hi, but Hell- is low. The "HE" sound happens when we are breathing through the mouth when it is very hot. It almost speaks about a bearable suffering due heat from the sun. Its interesting that Males can be referred to as HE, and the female SHE. The Male is also called Sun/Son. SHE-The S in front indicates a change in the condition.
The S is literally a serpent symbol. Even the sound of it is. The serpent symbol is the signature of wisdom and magic in the ancient world.

A Sistah once told me that every Woman waiting around for a Man to save her, or do something for her she is in hell and doesn't even know it. I asked her did she mean she was in suffering. She said yes, and that Hell, is also He will. He'll.

As in- He'll call. He'll love me. He'll give me money. He'll be with me forever.

Words are something else.

Its funny that we know exactly what sounds mean, but not always words.
Like I said spoken words are a form of mental sign language. Which is why Black people say: "I see what you are saying." Our minds are beautiful that way. So if I said HELL- LO, we can see what that means too. We see fire in the ground. Your mind and mental awareness is tilted down, instead of up.

Words direct the mind and the mind can also direct words.

If I say PINK.
You can see the color in your mind.

If I say ORANGE.
You can see the color as well as the fruit.

But happens if I say:

What do you see? Is your mind trying to mix these colors together?
Well those who use language to confuse the mind already know this. What does REDBLUE look like?

If your mind produced Purple or Violet, then like myself you are amazed at the power of our minds.


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