Black Poetry : Whats happening Now ???????????

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    Whats Happening now
    By Andre Austin
    I give it of me
    I’m outing out the ugly Three
    It’s the fish smelling Trinity
    No charge its all for free
    He’s a sniff of Vespasian, Titus and Domitian’s decree=To rule over thee:

    If Religion fails in its magic spell of commerce theology
    Then here comes the media propaganda & Hollywood’s technology
    Debt swings down like lightning tempting those to criminology
    Make a deal with the Gangsters, naw let them keep their pathology

    Don’t register your guns if you do then your on the List
    Sooner rather then later you will be just a red bloody mist

    Just like the Three Stooges are nothing but three Caesar’s Fogs (Rev 16:13-16)
    They will take your bullets, holster, stored food once they have U in their logs

    That’s whats up know that’s whats happening now
    Trying to have some sharp eyes like an Owl

    Trying to figure out why Christians said Christ came Already (2 Thessalonians 2:1-2)
    From the report of Josephus compiled letters kept Titus head steady (War of the Jews)
    Who is the bride; Invited to the cannibal meal I must get Ready ( Rev 19:7-18)

    You would know the answer if you knew the Trinity it’s a game it’s a fix
    A clue was that Titus through his Greek name (Galatians 2:3) was Teitan =666

    Suetonius told you they considered Titus another second Nero
    But my account book all three Vespasian, Titus & Domitian adds up to Zero

    The mortal wound of Vespasian was healed from head to foot, an international crook
    Now he gets his revenge U worship him in others names on his hook

    Domitian got mad and told Paul what about me
    You too Domitian, Paul and Revelations wrote him down as JC

    So before you get on your knees and take Christendom Vow
    Take the time to figure out Whats Happening Now