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    What’s this I hear?

    Sirens in the night

    Passing swiftly past where I stand

    As the day break

    I hear again

    Siren sounds blaring in my ear.

    Forgive my punctuation

    My spelling error on this

    It is heart felt

    Concern for someone or something

    That definitely has to be near

    In the dark of night

    Sirens tell us there is plight

    A sad and dangerous situation looms

    My heart race, my mind chase the doom

    Fear it won’t over power me

    I can’t let it cripple my eyes to see

    What is going on?

    Is it someone I know?

    Support for someone elderly that has trouble breathing

    I don’t know

    The mind it has the wonder of picturing each resolution for ease

    So my soul can settle back into enjoying the daily breeze

    It triggers pictures I brush away can’t afford to let it race

    It will cause me tension and unneeded stress

    and cause my heart to match the pace.

    What is going on?