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    By Chief Elder Osiris:

    What is shared on these boards, is viewed by the reader, and the reader, many if not most Time, read for amusement, for examination of the writer Mind on a Topic of interest to the reader, for sake of assuming the role of a sniper, out to kill the thought or to cause confusion about that which the writer is bringing forth for thoughtful consideration, without Prejudice some Time, and with prejudice some Time, on a given topic, all of which is good, because if the writer is a Free Thinker with an only motive to get the reader to not believe in what the writer is presenting, but to just Think about what the writer is presenting, and to take such a Thoughtful approach, the reader defeats the sniper, whose objective is to kill the story and / or to present the self of the sniper as if the sniper is more versed on the topic the writer is presenting, and by sniping, is to suggest that the sniper snippets should be the information embraced, instead of the writer information that is being sniped at, even though the sniper weapon of information is not as accurate and powerful as the writer information being sniped at.

    I often wonder, why is it that there is a need for a sniper on these boards, the readers are most time claimed to be intelligent readers, so why don't the sniper instead of sniping at the original writer information, just present the sniper thoughts on the same topic, without having the need to critique vainly and fully selfish, the original topic presentation by the producing writer, and let the reader be able to make the comparison as to which body of information is the most reasonable and is fit for the reader consumption.

    Now, I have said that, so I will proceed to deal with the Subject Matter I am to bring forth to the reader, and yes I know, we all on this internet here, has access to the delete button, that is what make it so compelling interesting, nobody has the ability to force anything into the reader Mind.

    The Imaginary entity God, that which has been brought forth in many imaginary forms and have been portrayed to be all things to all people, verifying that the God that be, is of Man creation and has the character of that God creator, many Time certain Characteristics and behaviors of the God in question is borrowed from one Religion to another Religion.

    Yes, because God only get its significance from what is referred to as a belief system about God, and Man required subjection to God, with God setting all of the guideline and Life perimeter for that God creator Commands, so the God of Religion, is the greatest Mind Scam of a game, that has ever been introduced to the Life of the Man Being, and successfully so, I think.

    Whatever you, the religious believer emotion is toward that religious God, and the Fear of that god, which come with such a Religious belief, it is an emotion that you choose to exhibit, and based upon the Doctrine of that Religion, which is pertained to that God Authoritative Commands, the believer is conditioned by the God creators to have mixed emotions toward that God, you end up claiming that You Love that which you Fear so fiercely, which is a contradiction of emotion, which verify that the Religious God has been created to breed nothing but Fear and Confusion concerning the life of the Religious God believer.

    The Divine Essence is the Divine truth and Reality of which the Universe verify to be, It does not Demand, Command, nor require anything from you, to Its Divine Essence, that which is of Eternal Infinite Reality of Truth, the burden of Life, is created not by the Divine Essence, but by the creator of God.

    Can you Understand That, Beloved ?

    The Creator of the religious God, has successfully conditioned the believer to a make believe command, specifying the religious God required Love from its believers, so much so, until just by mental automation, the religious God believers go into a defense mode every time the created religious God is being reveal for what " He " actually is, which is no more than a figment of that God creator imagination, and the creators of their religious God, has the religious Doctrine to back up all of the Lies and acts of Deception that is inherited in the God doctrine of Religion.

    That which is Produced is not capable of creating its producer, not without a Flaw, because the Flawed producer being the evidence of that which is attempting to produce that which has no Beginning or Ending, It just Reside Within The Divine Truth and Reality of Eternal Infinity, It needing not one thing from that which IT PRODUCE, The Divine Essence I Refer To !!!

    Can You Understand That, Beloved ?

    So God And Fear, is a product of the created God Producers, and not the Divine Essence Doing, and as long as we the Children of the Gods, of the Divine Essence, allow ourselves to go ignorant of whom we are, then the religious God will continue to reign supreme over our Lives and you can accept this Divine Truth or Reject it, what ever your choice be, will not affect that which I already Know of Myself, which put me into the Knowledge of What The Religious God is not, which is the Divine Essence Of All Things, and have no personal agenda as do the religious God, the God with the Human Being Mind, which negotiate with you for your Soul, promising you a reward or Punishment, based upon the choice you make concerning " HIM " all concocted by they who are the religious God creator.

    Now, when it come to what we are to eat and what our Ancient Divine First Way Ancestors Diet was, you have to conclude that a Divine Being Diet is different from a Profane Being Diet, and today, in an environment of the Profane Human Being, it is their diet of which their Religious God feast upon and " HIS " Believers, meaning that, as long as we are in the Environment of the Human Being, and they control your religious belief about their God, their Diet is your diet, and even in some small act of protest, we attempt to switch our Diet, the Diet you switch to, is not the Diet our Divine Ancestors, you see what the Gods of our Being feasted upon, we could not live off of the Diet that the Gods our Ancient First Way Ancestors Partook in, our Body System has gone through to much of a radical adjustment and the only way we can reverse the change, is for us to begin to reclaim our Divine Mind, that is the Mind that will guide you to know that we must once again create our own environment and if our Mind is Reforming to become Divine again, then our Environment will become Divine, and our Diet will become Divine, which will consist of the Elements of Nature and not the Beings of Nature..

    Can You Understand That, Beloved.

    I Will Not Share any More On That At This Time, I Will Allow You To Either Accept, Study and / or Reject, That Which I Have Just Now Shared With You, Beloved.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved ?

    Be Kind To Your Selves, Beloved

    Chief Elder
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