Chief Elder Osiris : What You Say Verify The Quality Of Mind That Is Guiding You.

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    What You Say Verify The Quality Of Mind That Is Guiding You.

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    There Is Much More where This Is Coming From.
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    Keep Sharing The Divine truth and Maybe, Just Maybe Somebody Black Might Hear You.

    Tell me Black Afrikan, when will you stop allowing those who make claim to be your leader from taking advantage of you, and from taking you for granted?

    The world is in reconfiguration mode, the Planet is under great stress, Nature is under attack by those who show nature no respect, imitating nature is liken to throwing a rock and hiding your hand, allowing your evil action in disguise of Nature, to be contributed to Nature action.

    Any so call Black Leader who dawn the podium of world discussion and do so without the quality of mind that allow you to see beyond looking, and not to hide behind religion, telling Lies on God, such a Black leader serve as no more than a hinder to the Mental Freedom needed to see, while looking, not having divine Knowledge and Understanding of that Which is happening in and by evil elements of the World.

    Time out for Game playing with the lives of black people, as you call yourself Leader of such people.

    A Divine black Leader move with the precision of Divine Intelligence, a quality of Mind that will allow such a black Leader to move with certainty and with caution of Direct action that will be in defense of the well being of the Black Nation, anybody with an agenda less than that, and make claim to be your black Leader, is a leader who will lead you into physical and mental destruction, by not informing you black people of the divine truth about what is happening today, in a world that will cause direct devastation to the Black Life, because of Black people inaction today.

    Now is the black world time, because all of the other worlds on Earth has had their opportunity to set a divine example to each other, but all that the other world have been doing is to be active in keeping the Black world in a state of Physical and Mental instability, and because of those other worlds being successful in their Evil action against the black world, such evidence serve as proof that the Black world has been and is without black divine leadership needed to come, but not from those been set up by Lucifer to be your black Leaders.

    The Time of today is sending a sign to Black people, indicating that if you desire to save your black lives you must choose Black Leadership that Know the sacredness Of Reparation, the Serenity Mother Earth is deserving of, and the need for Afrika to become for the Afrikan again, and for the Black world to become united again.

    Time now show that the world is in Turmoil and is under Evil Leadership, such leaders have no respect for the sanity of Life, as that Evil Leader enter into competition with their Religious god of which they have gotten you Black people to bow to, and confide in for your life safety, when your bowing and show of confidence in such a religious god, has done nothing but to serve as an enforcer of your black Afrikan ignorance, concerning your Black Body life self.

    Where is the voice of wisdom in the midst of the Black world, where are the divine seers, Channelers, Remote Viewers, the clairvoyance visionaries, all such Mind performance was in fact brought to this Planet by your ancient cosmic divine first way ancestors whom you no longer remember, and you Black people now take a ignorant position stating that they never were, when your black behind serve as evidence to the contrary.

    Where is the Voice of the Afrikan Union regarding that evil which is being poured upon Mother Afrika, in the name of Libya and Qaddafi, the Man who had the gut of Mind to call for a United states Of Afrika knowing that if such would come to be, that Afrika will return back under the control of the Black Afrikans.

    Black Afrika Afriakn Union, do you not know what Time it is? you have the use of Cyber space, the world wide web, you can make all sign of intelligent thought on the internet youtube, you need to be sharing with the black world your position on what is happening to your comrade Qaddafi and to mother Afrika Libya.

    You should be letting the prince of the False Light, president Obama know that his action is awakening the black giant that had been tranquilized for Millenniums and now that giant is coming out from his induced slumber, prepared to act in defense of Afrika and her Daughters and Suns.(SONS)

    Any so call Black Leader who do not have such a quality of mind that have you thinking as that which has been shared with you here, is the daughters and sons of Lucifer the false Light, Human Being, regardless of ethnic identification.

    Black Woman and Man, do not allow anybody any further, to convince you that your Black worth is no good.

    Time now beckon the sleeping Black Giant to unfold into action for purpose of saving the black Nation, mother Afrika, and the world in general.

    Nwow beloved is your time, the Time for the black world to rise and summon our Ancient Divine Cosmic First Way, they who verify the way, the Divine Truth, and Reality, concerning the Divine Essence and the power of your divine spirituality, which flow from the chambers of your Divine Mind.

    To the Black world, you rise, and Lucifer will fall, and will return back to his original status when he first confronted the magic of your divine blackness, which carried the answer to the mystery of the universe and with the knowledge of What the Divine Essence Ancestors Represent to all that is life physical, and not physical.

    Any black Leader who refuse to share With you the Divine Truth about you and your obligation to you, and to the universe, informing you that you are not worthy of being in your own Black Afrikan presence, beloved, such evil claiming to be your leader is unworthy of your respect.

    Be kind to your self, Beloved

    Chief Elder
    [email protected]