Black Poetry : What you hear in Heaven


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May 11, 2001
Atlanta, GA
Did you know

In heaven you can hear the rain?

Way up there

Right next to God's ear

You can hear the plans he has for you

Your destiny your fate right there in plain view.

Did you know in heaven

You can hear the snow?

Way up there

It holds the secrets only God knows.

Every time we wonder

What the good Lord has in store

We never quite realize

That he tells us this and so much more

Every rain drop, every snowflake

Every thundercloud

And lightning strike

All the answers in the wonders of nature

Right there

At our finger tips

Did you know

In heaven you can hear the sun rise?

Every ray of light holds a wonderful surprise

So every time

The rain clouds burst

Or the storm winds blow

listen carefully

Cause God is sharing a secret

That only your soul can hear
I hear the whisper in the rain

<floats in through the window>

A very nice poem delivered in a soft spoken tone. I love the easy going rhythm that it is written in...almost effortless as if the words just fell from your lips onto your fingers and into the screen.

<bows a fellow ATLien>

Thanks for the thought provoking piece.


<floats out through the door>
And that sound of heaven...

And that sound of heaven
that embraces each wonder
of the world....
At the tips of God's finger
each of natures paintings
he unfurls...
The sweet sound of the
meadowlark and the
whisper of the rain....
Each lil burst of sunlight
Says that on the Throne
he still remains....

*Child that was so good I had to signify!
Over here amening...
Loved the way you gave honor to the most High God!

Blessings on Ya House!


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