Black Short Stories : What you dont know

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    You are 5'5 light skinned, long brown hair, hazel eyes you weigh 123, nice body, white teeth(gotta have that. Um you can sing betta than Beyonce. Your mother died leaving you with her house in cali and her dog rocki (roctweiler). you dont know your father. But you just got out of a terrible relationship, your ex turned gay!
    "Druex gtet yo brook *** out my crib!" Stella yelled.
    Druex eased out the bed yawning.
    "Now Druex i aint playin with you, this yo 10th time not payin the rent so get up outta here!" Stella threw his clothese at him and began throughing his stuff out the closet.
    "baby baby dont be like this you know when my demo come through imma pay fo it all baby" He said holding her waist.
    She turned around and smiled at him.
    "Get the hell out" her smile turned into a frown.
    "fine woman i aint comin back!" he put his clothese in a bag and headed for the door.
    She folloewed.
    "And when you leave dont come back fo yo ****!"
    "didnt you just hear what i said!" he put his stuff in the trunk.
    " Druex i mean it dont come back" she yelled from the screen door.
    He rolled his eyes and hoped into his cherokee.
    Stella went back in the house and laid on the bed (on druex's side.
    "Her crazy *** kicked me out again" Druex said walking into O's crib.
    "I told you not to mess with them waitresses!" O laughed.
    Druex smirked.
    " I gotta go to the record sto to see if i can sell this demo iight" Druex said puttin on a white T
    "Koo i wont be home till morning rolls back in bro" O said grabbing his keys.
    "IIght, see you lata!"
    O drove off to see his gf Kim.
    Druex put it hair in a pony tail and drove to the mall.
    (Y/N POV)

    "damnim so late fo that interview!" i rushed into the record store and stood breath less over the counter.
    "can i help you" said a girl bout my age.
    "Yeah im here for an interview" i said.
    "your late then" she rolled her eyes and popped her gum.
    "Well i had an emergency" i said back.
    "Oh well any way im scottie" she held out her hand.
    we started the interview and it went well when this pony tailed light skinned boy came in.
    She jumped up.
    "hey druex" she said all up in his face.
    "hey Scottie, wheres...."
    He looked at me and smiled.
    Scottie turned around to see what he was lookin at.
    "Oh thats some chick tryin to work here dont worry about her"
    He wal;ked over to me and i stood up.
    "My name is druex and you?" he asked
    "Y/N you work here?" i asked hoping he did so he could straighten that chick out!
    "Naw but imma be all up in here after a while" he smiled.
    Scottie came over.
    "well um Y/N I'll call you and tell you how it went later" she rolled her big bug eyes at me again.
    " Iight" I turned to Druex."nice meetin you"
    I switched on out of the store and went over to the rave to find me something to wear.
    (Druex's POV)

    "**** she got a fatty"
    "what you say druex, cause she aint alll that cute" scottie said fixing some CDs.
    "Scottie can you please sell these fo me" i smiled i knew she liked that.
    "D if i could i would but i cant and i wont" she said.
    I touched her butt.
    She smiled.
    "Baby please" i begged.
    "iight iight i will only if they sell by next week" she laughed.
    "Thank you, now imma go get me somethin to eat cuz a ***** is hungry!" i walked outta there thinkin bout that chick woith the switch when i spotted her at the rave>
    I walked up behind her.
    "hey Y/N"
    She turned around and looked at me.
    "wassup" she continued lookin through the racks.
    I looked to.
    "Oh **** now this is what you need to wear" i held up a blue jean mini that read to sexy.
    "i got that one to the hous"she said.
    "You busy" i asked.
    She looked up at me again.
    "naw not now why wassup?" i had her attention.
    "I'on know maybe we could hang out" i suggested .
    She hesitated.
    "koo let me go pay fo this and then i'll be ready"
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    (y/n POV)
    I paid for my things and he led me to his car. He didnt open the door though. I got in and sat in his fresh car but messy. Clothes all in the back seat. He looked at me.
    "what i kinda live in this car ma, what man doesnr'" he said
    I frowned.
    "Naw girl im playin its a joke haha" he laughed.
    "oh man i thought you were serious." i laughed
    "I had to go wash some clothes today" he lied.
    'So ya girl didnt wanna wash'em?" i said smiling to myself.
    "**** I forgot all about her when i saw yo face baby" he laughed.
    I looked at him.
    "say what!"
    "Chill im playin again, **** you dont do to well with jokes do you?" he drove up to some resturaunt.
    "look i dont know you that well to know when your jokin" i said getting out.
    "iight i feel you, you up for itailian?" he asked.
    we walked in and this waitress came running up to us.
    "Hey Druex.." she looked at me then back it Druex.
    "imma go to the bathroom" i said walking off.
    (druex's POV)

    "Leana hey how you doin" I said smoothly.
    "Who was that?" she asked pointing a finger at the bathroom door.
    I had forgotten she worked here.
    "oh yeah thats my Best friends sister, he asked me to tke here out" i said licking my lips.
    "and why does he want you to take her out?" she asked
    "thats my home boy he wants someone good with his sister, but i say she tooo young dont you" i touched her chin.
    She smiled.
    "yeah, we gonna get together later?" she asked.
    "maybe, yeah maybe" i said.
    "Ok then let me show your table so you can eat and get ready fo me" she showed me to a table just as Y/N came out and sat down.
    We ordered and began to talk.
    That girl didnt eat a thing on her plate she just picked at it like it was nasty but she talked bout how good it was. i wanted to say
    eat then but i kept my cool.
    After we ate i took her back to the mall.
    (Y/N POV)
    "i shouldve told you i dont eat much i saw how you were lookin at me" i said walkin to my car.
    "naw...i was just..." i caught him.
    "you were just bein like all the rest of them gotta be so..." i opend my car door he ran over and held it.
    "gotta be so what?" he asked.
    "it was nice to eat lunch with you i gotta go now iight" i closed my car door and cranked it up.
    (Druex's POV)

    This chick was iight . she wasnt like the rest i aint get no digits either. I got into the car and went back to O's.
    At O's crib i took a long hot shower.Turned on some slow jamz, put some inncents on and waited for Leana.
    6:00 pm on the dot LEana pullled her mazda into the drivce way and I heard her heels clicking up against the concrete.She waited a mintue then knocked on the door. I slowly walked to it and opened it.
    "you are late Leana" i said blocking the door.
    "I know but i ..uh..." she was scarambled in her words.
    "Come in" i led her the living room. She took a seat and i stood infront of her.
    "I aint got all day i got somewhere to be in an hour" i said looking down at hewr.
    She put her hands around my waist.
    (Y/N POV)

    That boy was iight but i knew he had some issues. I walked in and laid on my bed as Rcki jumped up beside.
    "hey baby" i cooed.
    He barked and licked my hand.
    "your all i got in this big mean world babe" i turned on the tv and watched B2K in concert. **** they loooked good!
    (the next day)
    (Y/N POV)
    I had to go to grocery store and pick up some dog food for rocki.
    "Y/N hey girl whats been happening!" a F/V yelled.
    I turned around and saw Omarion.
    "Hey O baby i aint seen u in a mintue!"
    we hugged each other for a hot secod he stepped back and looked at me.
    "hmm you sure look good" he moaned.
    "boy stop what u been up to" i asked as we sat on a bench.
    "iight iight and u" he asked.
    "i could be better but im holdin on"
    "Oh yeah sorry bout ya moms"
    "yeah i know"
    He lifted my chin up.
    "if need to talk you know where i live"
    I smiled.
    "o im glad we met up today its been kinda tough"
    "ok you wanna talk abou it?"
    " O" i started to break down.
    : i uh... (tears coming) i miss her soo much, and Todd...(more tears) he just" i wipe my tears away.
    "whos todd?
    " my ex he dropped me on the day of the funeral"
    "**** that *****!" he said getting mad.
    "no no im glad he did i couldnt be (whinpering, sniffing) in a uh relationship with a"
    "with a...." he asked.
    "Todd turned gay O, and i dont know if it was because of me or.." he pout his arms arounf me.
    "no it wasnt becuz of you, why would any one leave you tht was him baby" he said.
    "Omarion what the hell are you doin!" said a voice in rage.
    He jumped up and relesed his warmth.
    "KIm this is Y/N shes the one from way back" he said.
    "oh yeah hi im kim... O's soon to be"
    I shook her hand and backed up looking at them.
    "well i better go take Rocki some diner it was nice meeting u Kim and O we will talk later" i got in my car and slammed the door.
    (omaarion's POV)

    "Boy i thought u were bout to go off with that chick" Kim said as we got into the house.
    "naw baby and what you mean by soon to be....wait i'on wanna know we been through this"
    i said
    "but o i wanna be your.. 4 ever" she whinned.
    " you will but we got time for that dont be makin up my mind make up yours" i laughed.
    she sucked her teeth and flopped on the sofa.
    " Beer?" i asked.
    "NAw, only Kool-aid"
    I went into the kitchen.
    Good god Y/N was lookin to good, her ex was gay well turned gay, **** she been through some ****.
    Druex came in and grabbed some chips.
    "Hey bro wassup" he said sitting on the counter.
    "get yo black *** off my **** counter boi" i said pouring the kool-aid.
    He jumped down.
    "whats wrong wit u?"
    "nothin i saw a friend from way back and she was really down"
    "what 4"
    "her moms died and on her funeral her ex dumped her... he turned gay"
    Druex started to laugh but his expression changed.
    "****" he said.
    "yeah" i walked out he wasnt a very serious person to talk to i decided to invite Y/N over later.
    (Y/N POV)

    I walked in the house and fixed Rocki's diner. The phone rang.
    "Yeah its me"
    "what the hell do you want"
    "to talk"
    "you got some nerve you know that"
    he chukkled.
    "look i just wanted to talk say hello you know"
    I loved his acksent (lol).
    " Todd i dont have anything to say to you"
    "I saw u cryin today and i just wanted to say was it over what i did?"
    "yeah Todd(cracking up)it was over you"
    "Y/N i been holding that secrete for a long time and i didnt want to tell you..."
    "You wanted to tell me at my MOTHER"S funeral instead of the day b4 or the day after!'I fummed.
    " Look calm down Ben wanted me to go..."
    "Who the hell is BEn oh that must be your lil girl friend or what the hell ever tell me what re you now huh?"
    I heard a click and he was gone.
    I slammed the phone down and cried.
    I need a drink.
    I got up and put on this tight short black dress flipped my hair and drove to the bar.
    (Druex's POV)

    I sat down at the bar and orderd a bacradi apple.
    I saw some fine *** mami walk into the bar and sat way donw at hte end by her self.
    "JImmmy hold that 4 me" i told the tender.
    I walked down and sat beside her.
    "so...." i said.
    She looked up at me and her eyes widednd.
    So did mine when i sw that chick what was her name oh Y/N.
    "its you" she groaned.
    "what u were expecting better, so was i" i smiled.
    " Uh Jim can u get me a...." i cut her off.
    "Bacardie apple" i said.
    He smiled and sat down our driks.
    "how did you know i was going to order that" she asked.
    "every one comes heree and gets that"
    so we got to alking and i found her very interesting.
    Sh ellokeed at her watch.
    "Druex i better go iv egot things to" she stood up and gulped down the rest of the drink.
    "Naw u aint got work tommrow u aint got a job" I laughed
    "look you wana go back to my place for a while?" i asked
    She hesitated.
    "yeah ithink i would."
    I drove home and she folowed.
    "Nice place it looks familar though" she said.
    "huh well u aint been here" i teased .
    We sat down on the sofa. must have been out.
    I scooted closert to her.She faced me and looked at my lips. I licked then she smiled.
    I put my hand on her leg
    our faces moved closer.
    (Y/N POV)
    iwoke up and it was so late bout 1 in the morning.
    My clothese were every where in ther living room.
    I got up and went into the bathroom. I heard a moise in one of the rooms and looked in. On the bed was Omarion!
    omg what was he doing here. Where was i, was i high.
    He looked up at the door.
    "hey come here!" he said.
    I walked in. his eyes got big.
    "Y/N what yyou doin here!" he said jumping up in shock.
    "i uh dunno know really why are you here?" i asked my head ached.\\
    I live here..dont tell me you are here with Druex?" he looked upset.
    "gulity" isaid.
    He threw me a shirt.
    " I wouldnt...." he started.
    "O i got a lil tipsy so imma go any way" i said.
    "I'll drive you".
    we walked out into the living room to see Druex still sleeping.
    He grabbed the keys and Druex awoke.
    "what the hell yall doin" he asid sleepliy
    "im aken her home" O said as we walked out.
    "hey i can do that shes my date 4 the night"
    I stopped.ddi he say just '4 the night"
    "look im goin hometo my bed and i dont wanna see you any more like you said i was your date 4 the night"
    we got into the car and he dropped me offf at my place.
    "you gonna be iight?' he asked as i walked to my front door.
    "yeah O imma be iight" i walked into my dark house. and went to my bedroom

    "damnit Druex why would you bring her as one of yo lil scanks!" i yelled.
    Druex stood up.
    "look you act youknow her, i sure as hell dont!" Druex yelled.
    "as a matta of fact i do, yeah shes that gurl i was tellin you about earlier the one witrh the problems" i sat on the sofa.
    "**** it man i aint knw cuz if i did..." I didnt let him finish.
    "she aint the type you need to mess up D, this gurl deserves a man a real one not some get with at night 23 year old boy!" i said gulping down my crown royal.
    " get with at night boy! who the hell u talkin to like that i said i aint know!" Druex yelled in defense.
    " yeah u pick gurls up use them then through em away or call em when u want it, and i dont want you around that one!" i said.
    "you know what O there is mo to me than you think iight im goin to bed!" he grabbed his clothes and went into the bedroom.
    I went into my room and called kim.
    (Druex's POV)

    i couldnt believe he said that too me, but i knew i was wrong for playin with all these girls heads but that one knew what i was up to i could feel it and she knew what she was doin to, i was her one night only and so was she mine. so to hell with what O said.
    i laid back and fel asleep.
    (Y/N POV)
    (next day, monday, 3:03 pm)

    I finally got up and got dressed, i fed Rocki and went to the mall hopin that girl SScottie wasnt there when i went to apply a second time.
    and she wasnt!.
    "hey im Y/N (your name), i want to apply for a job here" i said
    "ohh ok fill this out and i wanna see how you work with coustumers" said a chinese woman.
    I filled it out and worked at the rgister. when here came Druex.
    "ohh its you where is scottie?" he asked.
    I shrugged and kept working.
    The lady looked at me.
    " Can i help you:" i said cheerfully.
    He noticed i was on an interview.
    "Well yes you can.... i uh want to know if you can find for me tupac's greatest hits cuz i cant find it."
    He knew that was the hardest cd to find in the store and for 5 weeks no one wasable to findit.
    I smirked and walked over to him.
    "i really want this job" i said
    "i know that" he said smiling.
    I looked under T and G but no luck. and the rule was spend 30 mintues lookin for a cd for a coustemer.
    30 mintues later he was sitting on a sofa talkin to some girls.
    ":excuse me but i cant find it.............................sir" i said ready to beat the **** outta him.
    "oh too bad cuz i found it myself" he laughed and walked out the store.
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    thank you for readin
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    most welcome it was worth the read continue on !