Black People : What Would You Do? Would you accept funding form private prison profits


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Jan 20, 2015
What would you do

Would you take money from either of these to major players in private prison slaver.

JPMorgan Chase and Walmart are offer money to Black entrepreneurs for business startup, etc,

JPMorgan Chase is complicit with private prison companies in contrib- uting to and enabling mass incarceration and the criminalization of immigration. Addition- ally, by collecting interest and fees on outstanding debt, the banks are complicit with CCA and GEO Group in profiting from mass incarceration and the criminalization of immigra-

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My friend and I had this discussion.

He’s an right leaning Independent and I’m a far right democrat.

He would/will possibly take the money money.
and invest all money back into the Black community.

The money is ours why shouldn’t we take some. I

I’m asking is that showing support for prison slavery.

Can you take the money, profits, from prison slavery and still oppose prison slavery.

Or is their any validity to what he is saying. Take the money and invest back into our communities.


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Jan 20, 2015

I don’t think I will either, James. Would be like accepting money from the devil EXCEPT we as Black peoples are related to the slaves in the private prison Industrial Complex,
We continue to spend our dollars with these slave industries. Should we try and recoup some of that money, some kinda way.
Most Black that I come in contact with are not aware of mass incarceration, Private Prisons, or the Prison Industrial Complex.
Our money is still supporting those companies and industries.
Do we want our money back. Will we continue to support companies using prison labor. If the answer to these questions is yes, I’m taking some of that money back.
Are these modern day slaves by another name deserving of reparations for there cheap labor.
Or is one type of slavery more acceptable. Prison slavery?

I admit they have a member of my family in private prison slavery.
How many Blacks are ashamed to even acknowledge they have family being held in private prisons.
There are more than 1.5 Black men in prison. Other than my family, I have 3 friends in private prison.

I may not qualify for funding since the type of nonprofits I would use the monies for would be against mass Incaraction and private prisons.

Your no seems like the obvious answer, except We are supporting private prisons every time a Black person eats at McDs, drink Starbucks. Shop at Walmart, Victoria Secrets, use AT&T, Bank at Wellsfargo, etc. Unless we act against this barbaric practice of slavery, we’re all implicit in modern day slavery. So, why not get some of your money back.

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