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Is there anyone interested in helping me to start a sports program for the little Earths and Gods. Anyone interested in coaching the Gods I dont play sports. It doesnt require alot of your time Sat and Sun morning (of course not the last sunday of the month) are commitments and any other days at your availability. I live in the dessert.
Back in the day, we used to say that each one must teach one. I think we have lost a bit of what we are supposed to be teaching. We have to overcome this somehow.

I see your frustration. I don't think those of us who have knowledge have lost anything. I think as we move further from the era of enlightenment (when everyone wanted to be righteous and down with the cause), the more people sink deeper into mental death. We're not shining any less. It's just more out in the world to distract people. Technology and the ease in accessing information makes it easier for people to stay sleep. The masses are easily led in the wrong direction but hard to be led in the right direction. Nothing new.



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