Black Poetry : What U-Turn Like???

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    I'm like the beat when you walking,
    knowing heart bouncing in fear,
    rumbling inside the chest cavity,
    I'm like the shadow when you clocking,
    clocking opposite when timing is right,
    right on time diagonally to your side left,
    and stop to see the fascination upclose and personal,
    but i'm behind the back of your head when you turned,
    boo terror yearns trauma you heard sweet whispers,
    turned back broke your neck with that extra push one finger style twisted,
    I'm like the ghost you felt thinking you can't be touched,
    the chill was cold slightly forceful bubbling sensations in your gut,
    I'm like the deadliest conversation,
    take my words to heart and to the grave,
    I'm like your fame on the streets in front of trillions,
    waiting fore that trial of war criminals court is held in the hood,
    with autos fully clapped in untucked from the ribs and nutsacks,
    your life is off safety heading down a dead end street blocked-in,
    I'm like the chitter chatter as leaves when you running,
    laughing with you when you huffing fore that dying breath,
    as you look back nothing is there but your imagination deeply abstract,
    pull you back into my world with much love hugging,
    fully stuck up and in to you is my depths from kris,
    then i'm out like high speed erbbing while you shiver rigor mortis out blessed....