Chief Elder Osiris : What Time Is It???

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    What Time Is It???

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    This Is Not About What I Think Or Believe, It Is About What The Past Verifies To Be The Divine Truth Of This Matter Being Revealed To You, So Take It any Way You Want To, Which Will Prevent you From Knowing The Way you Need To Take It, Beloved.

    No, No, I am not referring to man conventional Time, I am referring to Time that the Universe reveal by its mere act of motion, it being a Time Black people been long forgotten to know how to recognize, and has lost our way in the Universe.

    So, because of that fact, Black so call Afrikans do not know what Time it is, and that it is Divine Time that wait on nobody life, and it is the Universe that is its own Time, and very well act accordingly to its Time of action.

    There are two universe, you have the Eternal Infinite Universe that is Dark Matter which extend into Infinity, it being the God Energy Intelligence, the Divine Essence of everything that move and can be seen, not seen, and looked at, without being able to See what is Divinely Real and True, such principles being the attributes of the Infinite Universe Intelligence Divine Essence.

    Yet again, you have what is referred to as being the Physical Universe, it consist of the Stars And Planets and its attributes, such as Meteors and Comets, and it is the physical Universe that is the result from the action of the Eternal Infinite Universe, meaning that all parts of the physical universe has a body life that is endowed with the ability to reason.

    So yes, each of the Physical Universe Parts, have the capacity to communicate with each other and does not do anything without the other knowing what each part of the physical universe is doing, and is about to do.

    So based upon that Quantum Fact, the Earth is a member body part that make up the physical Universe and does act to protect its universal presence, so based upon the spirit of the world physical body, that which is a member also of the physical Universe, and has been showing nothing but disrespect to the physical universe, by the way we as anthropomorphous Body Life, has been conducting itself on Earth.

    Therefore, it become apparent of the fact, that Black people being a part and member of the anthropomorphous world life, residing upon Queen Mother Earth, do not know at this Universal Time, what physical Universal Time that it is.

    I say that because of the fact that Black people act as if being as we are upon this planet Earth, this Earth will remain as things appear to be.

    Black people no longer being Mental qualified to know what Time it really is, regarding the physical Universe action, which from Time to Time affect each member part of the physical universe in various and purging ways.

    So again, I ask Black People, What Time Is It, you all set in your ways of arrogance, vain ego, envy, and jealousy of each other, acting to change a system that is well satisfied in the way it function and serve black People, a people in America without Justice, Freedom, nor the will to become independent and separate from America system of Racist Prejudice, a victim of injustice in America.

    Black people have become so drunk with the oppressors Religion, until it has made Black people to become ignorant to Universal Time and Blind to the Universe signs that is telling this earthly World that Queen Mother Earth is about to experience its ageless system of purging its body ,freeing it from all of the world contamination that has come to cause the Universe to be displease with the going on upon Queen Mother Planet Earth, as we identify her to be.

    Here you Black People are, all caught up in the expectation of man prophecy, predictions about what is to come upon Queen Mother Earth, when if you Black People would make some effort to reclaim your Divine way of Thinking and Seeing, you would know what Time it is, in the Galactic action of things.

    Such knowledge will inform you why it is that Black people in America and else where on Earth that is not in Afrika, your life is in more of a Danger, because of where you are and the type of mind you now wear, which cause you to be ignorant to the sign of action that the Universe is revealing to you, telling you what Time it is in the universe, which is a Time as for as we are concerned, of Earthly purging.

    The Black foolish among us refer to this type of information as Human Quack talking, the Idiot take Revealed Divine Truth to be ignored, the stupid among us take such a verified Reality to be of no benefit to be believed, because the stupid amongst us, take it to be, that the Earth remain as is forever, and I share how foolish we Black people have become having such a belief about Queen Mother Earth.

    Here we are worrying about a system that from the Time it laid eyes on you, have done nothing but kick your Black behind and corrupted your Mind ability to Divinely Think and See, causing you to not know what Universal Time it is, as the End Time of another Earthly Universal Cycle is Upon Queen Mother Earth and the safest place for Black people to be, is Back at Home in Afrika, and yet you know not why I make such a statement, because you do not know your Past and you do not know how to read the signs of the Universal Time any more.

    Here Black People are, all in a mode of attacking the ability to Talk, it being the primary means of communication, the problem with Black people is not Talk, it is being without the ability to comprehend with understanding what is being talked about.

    So when you are a victim of such a Mental gift, you end up attacking the very gift to be used to Divinely Warn your Black Behind, warn you of that which is soon to come and will destroy your Black Arrogant Behind, if no action is taken to save the life of Black people, which require action that come from such Divine Revealing Talk.

    Oh no, just because the Talk is not what your do not know about thyself behind and do not want to hear, you immediately attempt to assault it with trivial insults, which only reveal how deep our ignorance goes in the Mind of the Human Being Oppressors, the Mind Black people now use to guide your Black Behind.

    Beloved, I lose nothing by the ignorance you display toward the Divine truth and the way this Divine Truth is Warning you, informing you that something of a Universal Nature is about to happen to this Planet Earth, when, I do not know yet, but I do know it is much closer than when my grandparents had such sensations about Queen Mother Earth.

    We are in such a Divine window of Time that bring on such Earthly purging and here you Black People are, Most of you, not knowing what Time it is, or the significant of such a Divine Question being proposed to you today..

    Only The Wise Is In The Know Of What Is Being Divinely Shared With You Today.

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved.

    Chief Elder
    [email protected]