Chief Elder Osiris : What This American Presidential Selection Mean To The Black Nation

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    What This American Presidential Selection Mean To The Black Nation

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    There is much gaiety and happiness in the emotional display among Black people in America of all economic class status and you have many so call prophets, spiritualist, astrologist and arm chair analyst giving their take on what the selection of a Afro-european American as president mean to America and many pundits as I have mention here, extend across racial line, so most everybody is having a say about what has just happen in America and may declare to have witness the Americs Transfiguration and you even have the Afrikan Americans Melting Pot Dwellers making claim that by Obama being the choice to be the next America President, it serve notice to the Black World that in America, Racism, Prejudice unjustified, discrimination and Black Folks receiving injustice in America is all over, just at the click of 270 electoral votes America experience her conversion and now have received the Holy Ghost.

    America now has become as beauty is through the eyes of the beholder, you can classify America any way that your Mind program about how America is today because of the selection of Obama today.

    So for Black People to play such a dangerious game claiming the vindication of America for all America past evil against the Black World, will only serve more to the detriment to Black People afier all of the liberation marage is faded away and reality set back in to reveal the ugliness of America Racism and will serve as proof that America Horrible Racist past and present action against Black People can not just be swished away with a wishful way of believing it to be the fact about America Racism.

    I to dance wit glee over Obama victory but I do so with my Divine Mind intact, beloved, and that is what keep you focus and to be able to see through all of this America Smoke Screen that seem to be intocating the Black world beyond having the ability to use profound reasoning when contemplating what all of this mean to Black People.

    Life is not as simple as a simple believing mind will have it to be, if it was the case, then there never would have been the down fall of the Black Afrikan Nation, hell, we did not get at the bottom of the world ladder at our start on this planet, where you see the position and condition of the Black world today it clearly verify that something happen to the mind of the so call Black Afrikan in order to be able to place us where we now reside in the stratum of the world.

    Afrika and all of her Ancient structures bear out the fact that a people who constructed those Ancient structures and introduced such high quality of inventions by the use of the planet earth resource is proof evidence that where you now observe the status of the Black Nation to be today, it is not the same status that the Black Nation held before the coming of the Human Beings into our house.

    I know you do not want to hear this at this Time of your make believe life.

    So that fact in and of itself verify that something happen to the Black World and was triggered by outside forces that was not of the Black World, so do not tell me just by the click to a 270 number in and by the game of white folks poltics that all of the woes of Black People are no more and to those who caused all of those woes upon the Black World is now exonerated and vindicated for allowing Obama to be selected to be America next president, a country of people who still have the blood of our Enslaved Ancestors dripping from their Human Being Minds.

    Americans have a Mind that will not allow America to Honestly acknowledge that there is a need in America for an Honest discussion of Racism and the prejudices that still linger in the minds of white people and their sub-ethnic surrogates expression and belief about Black People, and no, I will not be silent to allow you Afrikan Americans to sweep away all of the carnage of Black People caused by America just so you can show white folks how well mental dicipline and receptive you are to the lies and acts of deception that cause the Afrikan American Mind to be guided by the acts of belief, faith, hope and with a willingness to be Melting Pot Dwellers in America and take that to represent the conversion of America away from the racism used so methodical against the Black World.

    How sad and pitiful is the Afrikan American, always pretending to have all of the answers to Black Folks problems in America, which is for all Black Folks in America to become Melting Pot Dwellers and hold that to be the equilivent to Black Folks receiving equality and justice in America and when the Black Nationalist in America do not digest their feed, then the Afrikan Americans become so stand offish and high class arrogant as if to say my way about how we feel about America or no way and they even attempt to form buddy-buddy clannish association against the Black Folks who do not subscribe to being Melting Pot Dwellers in America.

    Tell me, why is it that America and her sub-ethnic groubs along with the Afrikan American will not come to terms to publicly discuss Race in America with the Black Nationalist being a part of that panel in open discussion and it being open to the public, Why? and if not, I challenge America to present to the world such an open discussion on Race, with the Black Nationalist choosing their representatives.

    This challenge goes out even to the Afrikan American Melting pot Dwellers because the Black World is in need of having the Divine Truth revealed to them about what really did happen to the black World that have us acting like children on christmas as if we have just witness Santa Claus coming down the chimney representing the selection of Obama as President and then proclaim that because there seem as if there will be an Afro-european American president and because of that act, Afrikan Americans take upon themselves as if to be speaking for all Afrikans in America, as if to say by selecting Obama as America President it vindicate and exonerate America of all of her past and present racist behavior toward the Black World and for that, I say to the Afrikan American, speak only for yourswelves but do know that there is an element within the Black Family that does not make such a declaration about America, when she has yet to reconcile with the children of the middle passage Enslaved Ancestors and to settle the debt owed to our Enslaved Ancestors.

    Listen and Listen good and this is to whomever is astute enough to listen, there will be no moving on, there will be no sweeping under the racist rug all that America has done and still is doing to Black people in America that is not just and fair, so not until America really grows up and become mature enough to deal with the race problem in America and Honestly confront the debt of Reparation owed to our Enslaved Ancestors, there will be no America vindication and exoneration, not in the mind and action of the True Black Nationalist Garveyites and I will hold up that Giant alone if need be, beloved!!!

    So what this American selection mean to the Black World is that this is our Time to rise and demand that Afrika must become Afrika again and that the Black World has every natural right to rise again united and Obama selection in America verifies what Real Time it is that the Black World is living in and must not allow Traitors to the Black World misalign this Real Time that call for the Rennassance of the Black World with Afrika and the Time is now for a Black United Nation, and that being our prime Target and Goal in this lying and deceiving Human Being World.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    Be Kind To Your self, Beloved



    Chief Elder

    Pan-Afrikan Inter'National Movement

    [email protected]
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    thrivin' spiritually/physically/emotionally/financ
    where failure is not an option

    yes we cannot be fooled of course nothing has really changed as far as
    amerikkka goes, maybe the people can change

    i can appreciate your determination, how do you get you message
    heard in every living room, every street corner, and what alternatives
    will people give people, i don't think people are willing to go hungry to prove a point

    i see REAL TIME typed over and over again

    what is the plan to change the balance of "REAL-TIME"?

    thank you again CHIEF ELDER

    i appreciate your strength you epitomize the term "tireless warrior'