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Mar 24, 2007
The offices motionless appearance
Is shaken awake by the heavens clouded muffled call
That seems to declare that
Not all is well within their silver lining.

Overlapped with the universes tears,
The phone rings.
Frown rings appearing
While staring onwards and upwards
Searching for that
First flash of sudden lightning.

The phone rings.
But falls on the death ears of the shadows
Thrown to the back of the oval room
Landing and blending with
Walls of darkness which,
If the eyes are allowed to fine-tune,
Hold descriptions of predecessors
Who anxiously sat like he
Searching for that
First flash of the
Room satisfying lightning.

The phone rings.
Eyes roll to appear inside out
All below the now increasing frown
Mind poses the question
What does this world seek from me now?

Unexpected screams
Cause people to scatter for sanctuary
As the rain acts heavier now.
But for all the weight thrown from the sky
Like a tantrum to the grown,
The sight of the Presidential grounds is

The phone continues to ring.
Unanticipated lightning seen from the
Heavens clouds jaws that,
Once seen,
Scatters the rooms shadowing’s
Banishing them only temporally.

And before this dreams end
Starts another day,
Eyes will be allowed to fine-tune towards
Walls descriptions holding the presence of predecessors,
As mind poses the question to them
Tell me
How did you make this rain go away?

Good morning Mr President,
What are your plans on this beautiful day?


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