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Nov 2, 2011
This book is recognized by Maury, Dr. Jeffery Gardere (America’s well-known psychologist on Maury), Cheaters Reality Show and the New York Public Library System.
You are in a relationship with someone. After spending time and learning that individual and investing your feelings and emotions; you say to yourself: "This may be the one". Everything is going well and the relationship is blissful. You have never been happier. All of a sudden...
BAM!!! -- 180! BLIND-SIDED from Left Field. The person that was telling you for months or years that they love you -- is now telling you that they no longer love you -- or they "NEVER" loved you. They leave you "ABRUPTLY" -- without cause or reason. No REAL explanation -- just a vague answer with a Dear John Letter. They don't even have the respect or courage to confront you face-to-face. When they leave, they leave with no further form of contact. They just "DISAPPEAR" and walk away leaving you in shock. Most of the time we will not get an answer, and only "they" (whoever left us stranded with a thousand question marks) know the real deal. Maybe they mean what they say, even if it doesn't seem like the whole truth to us. The tragic event leaves you with the #1 question of all time: "WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED"!!!
When this occurs, and the person we was sleeping with won't answer us, human nature will cause us to seek out the answer by any means necessary; whether it will be a professional dating site, psychologist or our friends. But our friends will only give us an opinion looking out for our best interest by saying: "They were not good enough for you -- let it go and move on". This answer is UNACCEPTABLE because it does not answer the question we hold in our heads. In desperation, we would approach strangers in seeking answers because with a stranger, their opinions would most likely be truthful and unbiased.
Well, you no longer have to embarrass yourself in doing this. The author has done it for you.
The Volunteer Rescue Worker of Ground Zero of the first six days has approached 1,000 women on the internet with his questions; conversed with over 5,000 notes; and created a book that contains 500 opinion answers as to "WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED". Even though the situation on his end pertains to a woman -- the same holds true for men! Inside are truthful opinions and speculations based on people's life experiences and view-points as to why the individual he dated left in such a cold manner. He has extracted four key points pertaining to me: explanations as to what happened, how to handle the situation, RED FLAGS as to why he should have SEEN-IT-COMING...and proverbs to live by when meeting and dating someone such as: “The poison that does the most damage…is a love moved on.”
If you have ever been in this situation and if you still ponder the question of why he or she left you; or you are dating and entering a new relationship, then you owe-it-to-yourself to read this book to solve such questions; learn the possibilities of what can happen when dating; and how to avoid initial hurt you may experience by being vulnerable and gullible.
Go to website: for sample chapter, excerpts and readers reviews. Also, would you kindly send your opinion in the suggestion box.

dumb relationship questions and discussions: was given this name because most relationship questions are questions asked by people that “already” know the answer – thus becoming dumb questions; but most people that already know the answer, simply want someone to co-sign what they are thinking -- whether they are right or wrong!

The goal for this forum is to provide a safe haven for people in turmoil in relationships. Breakups and issues can cause people to be lost and confused. That confusion creates desperation; which cause people to seek explanation, clarification and advice (by any means necessary) as to what their next move should be! I HAVE BEEN THERE -- I HAVE DONE THAT – AND I FEEL I HAVE AN OBLIGATION TO PASS THE LOVE THAT WAS FREELY GIVEN TO ME!

Jan 22, 2001
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Welcome Welcome Welcome ... :wave:

Thanks for introducing your book to us.

We had a Member here just recently, looking for more answers to this very question!

Much Success!




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Nov 2, 2011
I know this book can definitely help people. No matter "WHO" you will relate to something someone has said in it and use the knowledge to reflect upon your own life.

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