Chief Elder Osiris : What The Call For Black Power Mean In America

Chief Elder Osiris

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Jan 3, 2002
By Chief Elder Osiris

Black people in America and throughout the Diaspora, when will you ever become serious about your Black Life and stop allowing closet Black power intergrationist / Assimilationist to continue to guide and confuse you about what the Need of Black people really is in America, in the Diaspora, in Europe, and in Afrika.

Black Power will not come to Black People without Black Nationalism, in other word, there can be no Black Power without Afrika being Nationalized by the Black Afrikan, because only by being in possession and control of the Land, can Black power become a reality in possession of the Black so call Afrikan.

The Time is past due for pomp and show, coming from a well established group of black People who have been in the fore front of the so call Black Cause.

Today Black people are entitle to a better Life, a Life we now live that is without the necessary commodity that would verify and secure power in the possession of Black People, and only in Afrika will Black power rise in the possession of the so call Black Afrikan, Black Afrikan people being in authority, Control, and in possession of the Land of Afrika.

So Black Power is the antonym to Black Nationalism, Black power can only become Black folks reality only when the Land of Afrika is back into possession of the Black Afrikan, because when ever the call is for Black power and not for Black Nationalism, Black people can rest assured that such a Black Power call is not in the interest of all Black People, and power is only power in a collective action, and is not a fractionalize claim by those who have a record of leading Black people toward a goal that only satisfy a particular few wants, and not the Many who are in Need of living a Life absent of somebody else wants, but a life that satisfy all what black people need.

So today, in these serious Time, Black people are in need of collective power that will secure our collective Freedom, and such quality of Freedom needed by Black people, come not from the call for what is misconstrued to be Power, bit must be a verified need for Black Nationalism, which mean and verify you to have authority and control over the Land of Afrika.

Black Nationalism must reference Afrika Land, and Black Power must be verified by Black people being in authority and control of the Land of Afrika, because giving Black power any other meaning that exclude Land Control, is no more than a sign of a selfish group wanting Black people, you who are out to benefit the Ego of those who place Power before Land, because Land is the verifier of power and who ever is in control and have authority over Land, is the source that have the power in the world today and that immediately exclude Black people.

So Black power must be synonymous with Black Nationalism, because only Black Nationalist seek Divine Freedom for the collective all of Black people, and freedom come by exerting collective power to obtain that which will give you dominance over Land, and in the case of Black People, it is our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation that hold the power and authority necessary to assure Black people the power needed to become the Black Nationalist Black people are Natural to be, and Land Nationalized by Black people, does in fact represent Black Power.

Black power is not a reality to be realized in America Diaspora, not in Europe, not in Asia and only will such power come to be in the possession of Black people, is when the Collective Black people are in Afrika.

So Black people must be doing what is required of Black people to do, in order to regain power in the world, and it will come only through the action by Black people to regain control and authority over the Land Of Afrika, because power Divinely so, is being in possession of Land and having authority and control over the Land of our Mother and Father, it is the Land Afrika that I share with you about today, Beloved.

Be Kind to Your Self, Beloved.

Chief Elder

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