Black People : What The Black Church Must Do,By CR Hamilton

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    The Black Church Must Do,By CR Hamilton
    Date: 03/24/2007
    The Black community is facing serious crises in many areas and obviously political crusades are no remedy. Black America should never depend on the United States Government systems to correct, equalize, or better our situations, but should look to our own gatekeepers; and ourselves: the Black church being the primary foundation for direction.

    The church, being a morality-led, value-based organization must give structure and hope to Black America both young and old, and provide for them the opportunities toward a stable life, strong relationships, and eventual success and security. Instead, Black churches emphasize the value of money, which begets more negative characteristics such as arrogance, greed, selfishness, ect., instead of positive characteristics like self-discipline, communal development, and trust.

    Beginning with the community, Black churches, members and leaders, must walk the streets, own the businesses, control the youth by offering them constructive activities, oversee the elderly, fatherless children and widows. Instead, they have moved from the Black communities and into the suburbs to capitalize on suburban income. And while the Black communities crumble beneath the heels of American capitalism, church leaders enjoy the fruits of member earnings and faith-based capital.

    In the schools, Black churches must offer alternatives to the public school systems such as private and charter schools teaching values, self-discipline, and respect as well as the three Rs, science, health, and our true history. Instead, they depend on government incentives that are barely enough to sustain one classroom let alone an entire community. This is where they must extend the hand of faith and love instead of charging market prices for their so-called private church schools.

    In economics, church leaders and members have the know-how and skills to open and operate small to medium businesses that cater to the Black community such as health care for elderly and low-income, affordable child care instead of market rates, grocery stores that sell fresh foods instead of expired foods so many of our inner-city stores carry.

    They can teach networking and business development skills, implement aesthetic programs for the children, and build transitional housing and work programs for recent release prisoners. Over time, drug use and crime would subside in the Black communities and progress will take hold. However, church leaders have not these visions for the people or the community but visions for themselves and their church buildings.

    Concerning the moral character of the community, they must provide counseling classes and after-work sessions for working people instead of depending on the social services, child support, and court systems of the government. Instead of raw bible classes, they must address social concerns using biblical and proverbial concepts that people can relate to, this is a form of ministering without using hell-fire and brimstone tactics.

    They must offer marriage and child rearing seminars in lieu of divorce courts and child support systems; financial, legal, and business prep courses instead of begging for government funds for social programs. Furthermore, they must educate Black children to the realities of American society and give them a sense of positive self-esteem, worth, and strong values.

    The value system of the Black community would rise once care is shown toward the inhabitants of the community and not mere indifference through forms of self-centeredness and individualism that the new capitalist church culture instills into its members. If the leaders are not trusted, then the people will have no tolerance for one another.

    Instead of vying for the next dead historical Civil Rights figure to prostitute their funeral before white politicians, Black church leaders must show humility and discreetness while showing respect for our fallen he and she roes. Instead of spending millions of advertising dollars on the next annual prayer or gospel fest, Black churches must invest in reaching the populous of Black America in every venue besides church settings. God is not just about church; He is about life.

    Black church leaders are immature men obsessed with member numbers, church building size, and public prestige. None have matured through the wisdom of God to understand that the growth of a person of God continues and never stops at the possession of material gain or power positions, or are measured by these things, but growth in manipulating and changing the state of the world, transforming the world into the Kingdom of godliness.

    Without strong, focused leaders for Black America, the people will fall by the way. Without a solid plan for survival in every area in addition to the spiritual, the people will never know the need for God and will lose faith and hope if other areas of their life are not working according to plan. God balances humanity through mind, body and soul and not spirit alone: for only he is spirit, but we dwell in this body of flesh and death. To survive life, we must live it together as one

    © March 2006 By CR Hamilton