Chief Elder Osiris : What The Black Church Is Forbidden To do !!!

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    What The Black Church Is Forbidden To do !!!

    Hoteph Beloved Sisters And Brothers:

    When it all boil down in the interest of the Black Life, there is one force that has captured the Life of Black people and that Force is the Black Church, an institution that gets it doctrinal instructions from their Master, Lucifer, so it is not a question or an indication of what the Black Church need to do, the Divine Reality is what the Black Church is forbidden to do and that is to inform Black people about the Divine Truth about ourselves, because such information is the only way we Black people will ever get to know whom we are and it is self awareness that our Divine First Way Ancestors has instructed us to be informed of, they gave it to us by stating a requirement to us Black people, which is, Divine Black Being, Know Thyself.

    The Black Church is forbidden to tell Black people the Divine Truth about God, Universe, and our Black Life, the Black Church is not to tell how the Black Life got into the wretched condition it is in today and what is the cause and how we have grown to be so Soulful disobedient, and to be Hard Headed to the Soul, the Divine Energy of Godly Intelligence, that which flow through the Black Life, is to become a Child of the Devil, ( Evil ) so it is not a matter of the Black Church not doing what it need to do for Black people or should do, the Divine Fact is that the Black Church is forbidden to inform Black people about its Doctrinal origin, Truthfully, because such is not what the Black Church was created to do, in regard to Black People.

    The Black Church is created to do exactly what it is presently doing and always have done to Black people, and that is to keep Black people believing in Jesus, Heaven, and Hell, the three principles of profane Evil, which is designed to generate false Hope grounded in faith, telling you that Jesus is going to save our Soul and not our Life.

    The Black Church is forbidden to tell black People that the Soul of Man is the Energy of God and that god is the Essence of Eternal Infinity, it being the Perfect Night, and that the only thing the Body need Saving is its Life, yes beloved, the Black Church is forbidden to inform you of such Divine Truth and Reality, regarding your black Life.

    So when the Black Church is forbidden to tell Black People the Divine Truth, then there is no way or nothing the Black Church can do that will be Divinely Benefiting to the Black Life, because it is the Black Church that serve as the Prison that hold the Soul of Black Folks in captivity and a Soul that is not adhered to Divinely, cause the Body Life to suffer painfully, as the Black Church instruct Black people to pretend to be happy, when it is Divine Joy, Peace, and Freedom of the Mind that reflect a Divine godly Spirit, so whenever those action of dynamics are not Divinely present in the life of Black people, then it be the Black Church that prevent such Mental Freedom to be expressed in the Black Life, about God, Universe, and the Black Body Life Being.

    The Black Church is forbidden to tell Black people that Life is Divine and Sacred and is given by the Divine Essence of all things and is given to be lived joyfully, peacefully, and Freely, because Life deserve to be more than to be Happy, because a Fool can express Happiness, but it is only Wisdom and Divine Intelligence that is capable of experiencing Divine Joy.

    Where there is no Joy, evil is always present and a captive Mind is not capable of desiring to be Free and to live a Life that is Divine, meaning in Harmony, Order, and Balance with the action of the Universe and as steadfast as the Perfect Night, such Divine Information is forbidden to be revealed in the Black Church, a Church taught to Sin and Pray and take no thought for today and put all of your hope into tomorrow, a Time that never come in our Life Time.

    So beloved, the Black Church is doing what it has been trained to do, and that is Lie and Deceive Black People about the Divine Truth and Reality of Life.

    The Greatest Enemy to Black People after the Human Being oppressors of a Different Phenotype than Black people, happen to be those Lying Deceiving black so call Black Preachers, those that Minister unto you the Religious Doctrine used to destroy an entire Black Nation and what the Black World do, concerning those Black preachers, they hold them up to High Praise and there you have a people that reward those that be the door keeper of the Black Church which cause the Black Life Suffering, as I speak and Write to you beloved and again I say, the Divine Truth now must be Told and those that tell the Divine Truth know that they are not to seek your praise or acceptance, because the Black Church has made Black People to be ungrateful for the Divine Truth, while those that share the Divine Truth with Black People, we suffer the ingratitude from the very people that is Loved So dearly by those that share the Divine Truth, with our Black People.

    So no, the Black Church can not do what need to be done to lead the Black Nation to the Divine Truth and our Life Liberation, Why? because the Black Church is forbidden to do so by Lucifer himself, he being the order of the Fraternal Illuminati, something Black Folks as well as the Black Church is totally unaware of, and yet they now rule the World and it is all because the Black Church keep Black People ignorant of whom we are, which is in direct disobedience to the Divine instruction left by our Ancient Cosmic Divine Black Ancestors, which is, Divine Black Being, Know Thyself !!!

    The Divine Truth, Black People despise the Divine Truth and lo and Behold, the results of Black people, for displaying such an attitude and behavior, so for you to see the result of Black folks ungrateful behavior to the Divine Truth, then Run Black woman And Man, No, Run, Run and Fetch your Mirror, and Behold a Dying Black Disobedient Nation, Divided and Scattered that we are today, having not a clue of who we Black people are.

    Here Is Loving You

    Chief Elder
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    And knowing ourselves means knowing that everything we need, all the strength, all the power, all the courage, all the wisdom, the source and solution to every problem is inside of us. Not in a book. Not in a building.

    In the Black Church we are taught that God's strength is perfected in our weakness. Never do we ask why God needs me to be weak in order to be strong? Why is God"s glory, honor and majesty so fragile that it is threatened by the potential of His own creation so I must dumb-down and power-down so as not to outshine this low-level regional manager Nobody ever asks. Nobody ever takes what they are told to believe to its logical conclusion.