Black People : What suffers the African worldwide pity, envy or both?

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    Up You Mighty Nation, these are the worlds of late great Marcus Garvey who inspired millions of Africans worldwide and nearly rose the whole world of them. Instead Mr. Garvey was cast down by the envious negro leaders of his day, they conspired against him secretly, they secretly joined hands and brought false charges of tax evasion against him which destroyed his vision for Africa. I look at Mr. Garvey as a brilliant man perhaps the most brilliant that ever walked amongst us, a dark and handsome prince. Mr. Garvey used to say that they negro wallows in pity and has only but believe in himself and he could rise very easy out of his dire conditions, even higher than his enemies.

    Some may ask what keeps us down as a people worldwide? And I would say in one word, "ENVY", due to pride but mostly limited belief systems. Our dire situation, our poverty, our ignorance and oppression creates many negative experiences for all of us. Some of us have positive attitudes while others and this is the majority have very negative attitudes. Those who embrace the lighter side of our struggle tend to persevere through some very tough situations while many who experience those same situations just give up. I think those who give up have placed limited beliefs on what they can achieve and thus wallow in their own demise. But it's not so bad they just give up but many become prideful, hateful of others achieve and thus begins the revolving cycle of violence that is so prevalent in the African world, Black on Black. The murder of Malcolm X, the killing of Dr. Huey Newton, the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, the list goes on and on of great black men and women who have had their time on earth cut short by their disbelieving and envious brethren.

    The Bible says that only 144,000 shall make it out of Babylon and this number is symbolic for the number 9 which is humanitarian. Those who rise above their environment, who embrace their idea of staying positive and loving one another will pull through. They will be like stars unto the motherland because they were able to pull through the most inhumane treatment that is here in the United States and Brazil, the African diaspora. For nowhere in Africa is there any kind of bizarre racism that attacks us in diaspora daily. But most importantly of my point is that those who have an unlimited belief system will live long and prosper. Those who suffer from we can't do without Whites, we need reparations, we Whites to lead us, we must stay here and because our ancestors build this, all this excuses that are plaque with limited belief. Those who turn on their own because of envy and false pride, who commit espionage against their own, who sell their own up for small favor are doomed. This is our choice to believe in us, build for our children, separate from the hate or the alternative simply perish.

    More later.