Black Spirituality Religion : What Spiritual Path Does Not Diminish Another Spiritual Path?


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Jan 31, 2004
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Jainist maybe? It seems like the more fanatical they get the more passive they become (by doctrine at least).

Jainism are on that next level ish. My wife and I used to wondered how hard-core Jainists even live given their "do not kill" perspective.


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Mar 21, 2001
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For whatever reason it's in peoples nature to be self-cenered enough to believe they are the best, it are involved in the best of anything to the exclusion of others. In Christianity for example, you have Baptist who hate on Churches of God in Christ who hate on Catholics who hate on Presbyterians ... and the list goes in, and the killing part about it is these groups all believe thst Jesus died for the sins of the world. I do fall short, but I am Christian, and I've come to learn that if you are a true believer then the spiritual path of another won't detour your own. Rodney King said it best, "Can we all just get along"


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Aug 27, 2010
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For all those lost, remember Blackbirdism is an option.

We are a violent, no peaceful outfit comprised on 1 man looking for many followers.

If you must believe in something, why don't you believe in me. I am personally accepting new "dummies", ahem new "recruits". Ours is a mission justly designed to enrich my pockets, er, I mean our world.

Your humble lord oops servant,
Blackbird da High and Low John da Conqueroo Priest of Blackbirdism...

Have you loved your Blackbird today....?

I just read about this in that book I just bought called "religion for dummies",this is just the kind of outfit I was looking for. If I join, do I get to wear one of those funny little hats?:lol:


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Sep 3, 2011
I think people are not hopping so to speak but in a is a learning process. To me it is not something whimsical we make mistakes, we do. For myself when I knew I needed my creator I made the intention of going to the beginning but I never did, I took other peoples word and trusted them without being a witness to the truth myself. I didn't dig deep enough with my own hands and until we do that guess we will seem to be bunnies trying to find the golden carrot.


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May 7, 2011
Peace and Blessings Family,

Is there any spiritual path that does not diminish another spiritual path?

I'm of the opinion that they are all inherently dismissive of the other.

It's as if their success, all of them, are dependent on the divisive nature built within.

Setting their adherents against other adherents, and the adherents do the rest.

Surprisingly, one adherent will challenge other adherents, without naming their path.

It's as if they are afraid to name their own path, but are bold in attacking the next.

It's amazing to me, how we respond to each other, based on this very personal life choice.

It leaves me wondering, if there is even one path, that does not diminish another path.

A path that does not diminish the teachings and/or adherents of "competing" paths.

Do you know one? If so, please name it.

Thanks in advance.




The primary reasons one spiritual path will denigrate another typically has to do with imembership and of the fisc ......

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