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Mar 22, 2004
Where the Niger meets the Nile
Hey Fambly,

I built this website for my cousin who is a hip hop video director in New York. Now he's got all these people up there wanting to know what I charge to do one for them. I looked around to see what others are charging and there seems to be no industry standard. Fees range from free to thousands of dollars. Well yawl know I don't sing for free.

There are different ways I could charge like per page or a flat fee or per item like flash movies and custom graphics as well as a retainer fee to keep a site updated. I have ten years experience in web design. So what should I charge? What can I expect people to be willing to pay?
them? 25-50 thou!

(even if you let them talk you "down" to 1-5 thou you're ahead, eh?)

went to the site: sky's the limit, M'Lady!

150 per hour is a bit cheap for that quality, i would opine. but what do i know; i don't have "madison avenue" budgets! head on up toward the high end. ten years experience? go higher!! wouldn't be surprised to hear that you pulled 25000 or more for a site with those skills!!!!!!!!!!!!!

check the want ads to see what is being offered/charged?

big BIG BIG bucks in that deep, sharp River Knowledge-Axe!!


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