Pan-Africanism : What Shall We Do To Unite Our African Descendants In The Americas???


Jun 16, 2013
Are you speaking on the basis of life experiènces, etc.?

Please do elaborate further about that as well...

It was just anti white post nothing more. Of course the answer is to unite around the children and their success in education, and reject the violence that plagues neighborhoods.

Chaya Chaim

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Feb 1, 2016
Are you speaking on the basis of life experiènces, etc.?

Please do elaborate further about that as well...


Ironically throughout my life ages 15-current especially on this truth and spiritual journey I'm on and will be forever .. white people support the truth about us being Israelites and the gods/goddess 90% outta 10% of our people ...They are the "you're too serious I wanna have sex, pop Mali's, be about the bling bling, being about drama and attention, act like a rap star/groupie, have no substance and just live through my loins and petty emotions" types of blacks with them double agent wigger skanks

I get more distance from my own family members and white wiggers my male cousins suck up to and date and yes even share than whites....sometimes that comes out in my posts and plus I add from what other brothers and sisters have mentioned to me over the past 10 years


Jul 11, 2016
Make the cultural, spiritual and other linkages (and an argument is that the current digital platforms enable us to do so). The rest, in terms of economics, the seemingly unattainable unity, etc, will follow. (If I've understood the title of the thread - unity across the continents).
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