Black Spirituality Religion : What Really Happens After Death?


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May 26, 2019
Thanks to those that chose to provide their voice to this question about death, etc. I am sure that there are more thoughts, answers , etc. out there but as I see it, many folks are not comfortable talking about death, etc. While many are church goers, etc, talking about death may be taboo etc. And the question remains, what happens after we die, where does the soul, if there is one, goes, etc. Is there a afterlife or is death just that, our ending as a form of life? Whreas all the things that have been taught, said, etc. actually have no meaning or reality, etc. What do you think?


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Aug 3, 2014
:what: While I really appreciated everyone's threads, etc. But... I am still not having a clear understanding :tv1:brought forth by anyone that effectively deals with my question, etc. "What happens spiritually, etc., to human beings after their death?" Really can such a question actually be addressed on a factual level? Thanks though to all of you that gave your input.:thankyou:
I gave you what I have arrived at with regards to this question and with questions like these it becomes in a large part what you will accept as " factual"

Perhaps this is true, Christianity is nothing but a big white lie! :what:After all white folk did change the:research1:identity of biblical characters. etc. Who knows where the truth actually lies, etc. easing on out....
Maybe you can say Christianity is a Lie......but the Bible is not, though there have been misinterpretation, lost in translation, and the effects temporal politics and such may and do cause various ideas and truth to become cloudy.
The Bible is one of the many guides to Universal, Spiritual and Eternal truths.

I have been talking about the soul and the after life here, etc. Is there factual:research: proof of life after death. Is there life on the other side? Does the soul's spirit live beyond death of the body? Where does it go? Still I'd like to thank all of your that participated in this open discussion. :thankyou:.
There are many research both ancient, old and new, from many different cultures throughout history, it is up to you to test them for your veracity... No one else can answer that question for you but you.

Personally I don't think any living soul knows what actually happens after one dies, etc. What we do know is that it's a life
ending. I guess I'll leave it right there, etc.:bye: moving on....
It is the heights of arrogance to speak for all who live and have lived...because you have not seen or experience a thing does not mean it is not true or exist
To say such a thing then, one must first define....
What is Life?

In reality I think that death is just that, the ending, the letting go of life, etc. And that's it. Nothing else happens, etc. Just a ending of one's life. There's no souls, no heaven nor hell, just the ending. Life and death is what life's is all about.
All endings are Illusory and so is all beginnings...Change is Constant

Each generation is supposed to make it a lilttle easier for the next generation.
That is most definitely the Truth.

All this other stuff is human made up, etc. Later...
true...but it really depends on what you mean by "all this other stuff"?

Thanks to those that chose to provide their voice to this question about death, etc. I am sure that there are more thoughts, answers , etc. out there but as I see it, many folks are not comfortable talking about death, etc. While many are church goers, etc, talking about death may be taboo etc. And the question remains, what happens after we die, where does the soul, if there is one, goes, etc. Is there a afterlife or is death just that, our ending as a form of life? Whreas all the things that have been taught, said, etc. actually have no meaning or reality, etc. What do you think?
I am comfortable and ready and willing to explore this topic, all I ask is that you be honest in your response and fair in your reasoning.
As I also will be.


May 29, 2007
Indeed, only individually can we know the answer to such a profound question which may actually be too deep for us to know at the level we are at now, however, if approach this question like one of my 'heroes' Sherlock Holmes, using deduction, research, documentation, cross-referencing, etc...., we can come to at least a working hypothesis, which along with a strong wish can lead us to the possibility of coming to know a practical answer.

For such a complex & important question as this, we really don't have to surmise. There were some ancient High Cultures around the globe who based their civilizations on 2 'technologies' which we today have no clue about. The 1st of which was what happens to us after death along with our continued journey & the 2nd was tweaking the human 'machine' for higher spiritual development (thus creating something which survives physical death). In the ancient Nile Valley this 2nd 'technology' was available in 2 distinct forms, one form for the masses & one form for the temple initiates, various Pharaohs, Queens & noblemen. In both instances, death was the 'bridge' to one's next journey.

For the masses, the Pharaonic 'priesthood' maintained the devotion to Wesir/Asar (Osiris). This was a path of renewal & reincarnation……But for the initiates of the temple, was taught the Christ-like principle of Heru (Horus) The Redeemer, which is the path of freeing oneself from the 'Karmic wheel of reincarnation', of a direct return to 'Cosmic man/woman IN THIS LIFE, not in successive reincarnations.

We have to keep in mind that we today know NOTHING of life after death beyond guessing & theories, yet these ancient High Cultures based their nation around such a spiritual science...their temple writings & teachers actually served to prepare them for this occasion.......& it obviously worked~!! Why do I say it worked?? Because no culture lasts for thousands & thousands of years without a strong spiritual foundation.

Quite briefly in closing, for the ancients of the Nile Valley, there were/are 9 'bodies' attached to each individual. The 9 Bodies were named:​
  • Ren (the name & director who gives orders, our blueprint/DNA)​
  • Ab (the heart/emotions, the Consciousness, our center of gravity)​
  • Akh (our Luminous body, the weak force of decay)
  • Khaibit (our shadow, the body's Aura)
  • Ba (the 'Intelligence' of the heart, the 'soul')
  • Ka (the double. has to be re-membered to unite with the Ba & is the only reliable guide through the journey)
  • Khat (basically our physical body)
  • Sekhem (our energy, power, Light)
  • Sahu (our Ressurection & most sacred body)

This is only a VERY basic description of this topic, since to really know such an esoteric concept as this, one must be diligent in the study of esotericism, not just guessing, hoping & surmising about it~!​


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May 26, 2019
What if there are no answers,:research: then what? All things we know about death other than watching a individual die, is from religious quotes, etc. I feel that death is an ending to a living being, life, etc. And that there is nothing after that, no spirits, no judgement day, etc. Just a ending of one's life. All other explanations are simp[;ly human's :research1:trying to explain their reliigious teachings, etc. Of course death is indeed a:wow: mystery based upon religious teachings, values, etc. yet all attempts at explaining same haven't change my mind, etc. This world is not a spirtual world by no means explained. Death is the end of our physical & spirtual presence on this world. THERE IS NO MAGIC..... :thumbsdown1: later....
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May 26, 2019
Many of you think that you'll once again see your loved ones that have passed on before you, etc. I wonder who told you this? No living man or woman can prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Heaven and Hell exists. Let alone prove the existence of the fabled Adam & Eve, etc. As there are no actual original drawings of biblical characters, etc. Note, I said original. And by the way, if Adam & Eve were the first human beings on this world and they had children, then who was Cain's wife? His sister right? I'll leave it right there....
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